Leaving Islam




The slippery slippery slope 

Jon Aubri 


 I think that the terrible floods resulting from the failure of the levees is a metaphor for what is happening in the Western world. Clearly, our civilization is being systematically eroded. That amazing civilization that was founded on total love of God is being flooded out with our worst nightmares. The flood of Islamic Caliphate is swamping our weakened defenses.  

As the Louisiana levees were inadequate to hold back the sea, our defenses are inadequate to hold back the rising flood of Islam.  

It is not enough that our Administration has invaded Iraq ; it has simply provided a forum and a training ground for insurgents to get their battleground training and be able to apply it anywhere in the world. We can only watch, wait and pray.  

Our only strength against the forces of Evil, the massing Islamists, is a return to our original values and the casting aside of our hedonistic works and deeds.  Society needs to eschew the notion of “political correctness” and the return to a truthful way of life.  

We cannot win this final war if we do not gird ourselves with love, charity and morality. The excesses of homosexuality, uncontrolled divorce, unbridled abortion, frequent sexual liaisons with one or more partners and lack of morals and ethics displayed by many in commerce and industry are rotting our civilization.  

If we don’t win this war, civilization will descend into a darkness that will make the Medieval Dark Ages look like a short nightmare – a darkness that will be all encompassing and that will have no end. We and our descendants will submit to whatever flavor of Islam is promoted among those leaders at any time.  

The recent assertion that the Internet is effectively funded by pornography has not been picked up by the mainstream of the press. Unfortunately, it is quite normal for lewdness in all of its guises to be downloaded by those with high-speed computer access. Bestiality, pedophilia, child pornography and all forms of degrading behaviors are now available for the voyeur and anyone with a credit card.  

We have allowed our children to be exposed to (and so they are consequently used) to the obscene language and lascivious expressions described by many of their music bands. Teenagers experiment themselves with deviant sexual behaviour available using their own unregulated computer and internet access.  

Everywhere there are signs that all moral restraints are being cast off. People are becoming disposable, marriages don’t work – “I’m gonna get a divorce. The kids will have to live with it”. Hollywood and too many television programs such as “Coupling” and “Sex in the City” are leading the charge to a totally immoral society.  

America has the largest number of impoverished families in the so-called developed world. America has the largest number of people without any medical care in the developed world. The Fat Cats of industry and commerce are making obscene salaries and benefits and yet many of their workers have to work at two or more jobs to provide shelter and food for themselves and their families.  

If we look back in history at the time of the first millennium in Europe , people were motivated mainly by two things: One was staying alive and growing enough food for their sustenance; the other was the building of the awesome cathedrals. At that time, war, pestilence, starvation and other privations were what preoccupied the average person. The lasciviousness at the time was observed and heard at the local tavern.  

The Catholic Church with all of its sins provided a base for the societal fabric of the time.  

Now with our modern conveniences, we have successfully created a huge barrier between fundamental beliefs and ourselves. Because the Church has failed and has shown all sorts of depravity and weakness, we have eschewed all moral imperatives.  

We argue about the validity of Creationism, Intelligent Design and Evolution as if they are important. What really matters is what happened with our morality. Now that religion and God are abandoned, do we have a moral compass in their place?  

Pre World War II Germany was a model for our current hedonistic and immoral society. When Nazism started to grow, it was not politically correct to stand against it and so the noxious weed choked normal decency and 6 million Jews were murdered.  

I believe that Western civilization needs to take a strong moral position, whether this is led by various Christian churches or without them. The challenge of our time is save our dying society.  

I believe that believers in Islam should either give their unconditional loyalty to America first or be returned to the countries from where they came so that they will not dilute our rapidly dissolving society. In the US , all mosques should be closed and all Islamic schools and colleges should be shut down. I believe that our elected leaders need to lead and to bite the bullet and admit what we are fighting today is not just for oil but also our way of live and way of life.







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