Leaving Islam



What Just Might Happen Here

By Jeffrey Epstein


Folks:  Imagine this scenario if you have the courage…  

You are sitting in your car with your family waiting for a school bus to unload. Children are disembarking the bus when you spy an old car speeding toward the intersection. “That lunatic is going to hit those children!” you say to your spouse who is sitting beside you.  

That’s the last thing you remember before waking up in the hospital.  

The nurse tells you not to speak but you struggle through your pain to ask, “Where are my wife and children? What happened?”  

The nurse walks away and the doctor steps up to your bed. You notice for the first time that you can only see out of one eye and that you are hooked up to a multitude of machines.  

“Sir, you were in the direct vicinity of a car bomb, a suicide bomb. Your family is dead. I am sorry. You need to rest. When you are feeling up to it the police want to talk to you about what you saw.”  

Or this…  

You have been on the Internet and have forwarded an email critical of the government performance to some of the people in your address book. You didn’t write it but you agree with the statement and therefore thought to share it with your likeminded friends. You shut your computer off and head on up to bed, as is the norm for you.  

Suddenly, at 3:00am, five unidentified men kick in your front door and race up the stairs. They have automatic weapons and their faces are covered. You are in a fog. Your wife is screaming. You hear your kids screaming. You don’t know what is going on.  

As you gather your wits the five men are holding your children, with weapons to their heads, at the foot of your bed. It all happened so fast you feel like you’re moving in slow motion. You move to act but are cracked over the head with the butt of a rifle. “Try that again and your youngest gets a bullet in the head,” a voice commands.  

You sit half conscious with blood dripping down the side of your face and the same voice asks, “Did you send an email criticizing our government to John Smith today?”  

You think back to all of the emails you sent and then remember the last email that you forwarded. “John Smith, John Smith, did I send it to John?” you think to yourself. You feel another crack to your head. “Answer!” the voice says.  

“I don’t know. I can’t remember,” you say to the unidentifiable man.  

Suddenly, the one holding you’re your youngest child kicks her legs out from under her and breaks her arm just at the elbow. As she shrieks in pain, crying out for you, you lunge to her defense. One of the other men lifts his weapon and shoots your wife in the head. She is dead.  

“Did you send an email criticizing our government to John Smith today?” the voice screams in a more impatient tone. This time one of the men has a pistol to your oldest child’s head.  

If you don’t think that these two scenarios can play out in the United States you are uninformed not only to the threat of radical Islamofascism but also to the consequences of losing the War on Radical Islam.  

The threat is real. Thousands who have escaped the brutal oppression of Islamofascist regimes recount their horrors each day. A scant few who have broke away from the ideology testify to anyone who will listen about the Caliphate that radical Islamic organizations like al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade and a plethora of others want to set up, not only in the Middle East, but throughout the world.  

Their victory would mean the end of the United States and the end of the free world as we know it. To them, it is not about politics, it is about religion, a radical religion where the law allows for beheadings, stoning and maiming, a radical religion that uses terror as its tool of choice to keep the masses in line.  

We are America’s Truth Forum (formally the People’s Truth Forum), a group of non-partisan, non-political concerned citizens committed to bringing the truth about the threat of radical Islam to the American people. The government won’t do it. The media won’t do it. That leaves us.  

We need your help.  

We are organizing a symposium that will bring together the most important voices on the subject of radical Islamofascism. Our speakers include; Dr. Harvey Kushner, Robert Spencer, Laura Mansfield, Brigitte Gabriel and many more. They will share their extensive knowledge and first-hand experience with radical Islamofascism and help everyone attending to understand just what we are up against. This symposium is set for the Spring of this year.  

But we are meeting resistance at every turn and in every way.  

In order to make this happen, we need your financial support. Every dollar amount helps no matter how small the denomination. Each and every penny donated to our cause will be spent on our cause. We are not a special interest group that farms its funding out to other organizations. We are firmly committed to the task of bringing the truth about the threat that Islamofascism poses to the American people to the American people.  

If we fail, the Islamofascists win a crucial battle in the War on Terror…and we move a step closer to the scenarios depicted above.  

Please help us to help America . Give what you can.  

Sincerely yours,  

Jeffrey Epstein, President



P.O. Box 802

Glastonbury , CT.   06033







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