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Dear Mr. Sina,

I simply wanted to tell you how much I have learned from reading your site. I used to be an ardent supporter of Islam, though never a Muslim. (Before 9/11) I leaned heavily towards Sufism, but you set me straight on that sect. Not only that, but I have come to understand that the hope of muslims is to truly embrace their own humanity. After 9/11, I just wanted to pave the middle east into a giant glass parking lot, but you have shown me how muslims suffer, especially women. I no longer have any hatred toward muslims. You have also shown me that humour is the one weapon against which muslims have no defense. It is in this vein that I would like to contribute essays to your site. ~please let me know if this is the sort of thing you might want on your website. I write under the name Jauhara al Kafirah, and I publicly post from the email address: [email protected]  (not the current address from where I am writing)


Swedish Cops are Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

From Sweden via Democracy Frontline.
Soon, the police in Sweden will be getting new, culturally sensitive headgear. (See above image for details). Such a comfort it will be for a Muslim woman to call the cops in Malmö, knowing that a sympathetic, properly attired Muslim gendarme will show up and dutifully take her report, should the need arise. Picture the following scenario, if you will:

"I received a call about a domestic disturbance. What seems to be the problem, ya Sayid Ahmad?"
"It is my third wife, Samira, officer. Today has just been awful! I had to drive an unveiled pregnant kufr woman to her doctor's appointment today, and she was not accompanied by any male family member, and when I rebuked her, she laughed and said that she didn't NEED any man in her life, that her baby was conceived in a DISH! HARAAM, I told her."
"Indeed she is lucky you didn't give her a good raping, Insha'llah, she will be, if she is ever on my watch. So, why have I been called here?"
Well, ya Sayid Officer, I was so angry with the righteous anger of Allah, who is merciful and compassionate and He knows best, that I came home and slit Samira's throat!
"Perfectly understandable. How old was she?"
"Aaaaaah, now I understand completely. She probably had a saucy little mouth on her, right?'
"Yes, ya Sayid Officer. And she burned the chickpeas, because she was too busy watching Oprah. "
"Well, you did the right thing. We'll send someone out in a half hour to take her off to the dump, How would you like to have us report this?
"A stove accident."
"Very well, then. Will do. If I can be of further assistance, ya Sayid Ahmad, just call the station."
"I will, Brother. See you at the mosque on Friday. Ma'a Salaama."
"Ma'a salaama."
Thanks to D.T. Devereaux for his powerful and fantastic artwork!








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