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My Young Muslim Student   

Jane Robson

Dear Ali Sina,  

I am writing you on behalf of many British people who are gradually realising that the UK is being invaded by Muslims. I am a professor in a very well-known and respected university nearby London . Fortunately our university is very demanding and few Muslims can pass entrance examinations. I am not a fascist but my experience of dealing with Muslims was very disappointing and I concluded that Muslims were incapable of coexisting with other cultures and religions. I hope my experience will be interesting to you and your readers.  

Before being appointed a professor, I worked as a teacher at a school in London. I was a form teacher and my main responsibility was looking after a multicultural class. There were British, Jew, Hindu and Sikh children. They were very different but somehow we managed to build multiculturalism. We all discussed our cultures and played many cognitive games. For example, we voiced problems in our religions and cultures and then tried to create a new religion free of any of the named problems. All children had to write short essays on their cultures and what they could contribute to the society. I taught children that they had to respect people of different origins. The best way to do it was to abide by the secular law and keep beliefs in our hearts. A few years later our bliss was abruptly disturbed by a Pakistani boy. He was only 12 years old but his heart was already full of hatred towards cultures and faiths that differed from his. He refused to speak to a

Jew girl and even tried to beat her. He treated the rest of the girls like caged animals. For instance when he was to write a small essay with a British girl he said that he would not. The explanation was very simple: girls are deficient in intelligent and he was tired of their stupidity. Incidentally, the girl was the best student and today she is a top manager.

He claimed that Shakespeare was a Muslim without providing any reasonable arguments. His only lame argument was that Allah wouldn’t have given so much talent to an infidel. And above all, he wanted special treatment.  

As far as I remember his mother was always pregnant. Only God knows how many children she had. Certainly she wore long black hijab or something like it. I have seen his father a couple of times mainly when he came to have a blazing row with the headmistress. He was constantly unsatisfied with the curriculum that “gave too much attention to Christianity”. He couldn’t understand that the UK was a Christian country and indeed Christianity played an important role in our history. We still hoped the boy would join our multicultural family but his father was of a different opinion. After a few years he sent his child to a school founded by the Saudi government.  

By the end of school children from my class had become great British citizens with understanding that secular laws are like a blessing. These laws provide us with the opportunity to respect our cultures and co-exist in the UK . They all acknowledge that our future is with the secular laws because only they are up-to-date. At the same time they haven’t forgotten their heritage.  

As for the Pakistani boy, a week ago I heard on the radio that he had been convicted of gang rape.  

Dear Ali Sina, I met many different Muslims from different countries. They are all the same and few of them can become good citizens of the UK. In my opinion, your mission of deislamisation of most Muslims is impossible. I am certain that all Muslims who are capable of critical thinking will abandon Islam. But such Muslims are brilliants and there are few brilliants in the world. I hope you will keep enlightening people so we make sure that all Muslims who are able to leave Islam will leave it. But unlike you, I am very pessimistic about it. I know many Muslims with higher education but still they are faithful followers of their faith and they are sure that women’s place is at home.  

I had a heated debate with a Muslim scholar via the Internet about women. I think that in the computer jargon this type of debate I had with the scholar would be named “copy-paste” debate. I tried to discuss practical problems and he only pasted articles from Islamonline and other Islamic sites. Your articles will be very helpful if I am faced with other scholars again.  

And in the end I would like to wish you all the best and Happy New Year!  

Best regards,



Dear Jane,  

Deislamization of the world is not impossible. If all the free people of the world join hands and stand against Islamofascism, Islam will be eliminated sooner than anyone can imagine. But we have formidable enemies in the guise of leftists, “do gooders” and politically corrects. These misguided self despising, west haters, American bashers; anti Semites will do everything to protect Islam, not because they love it but because they hate America and judo-christianity more. The enemy is the great mass of the Europeans and the American "hippies" who march in the streets to rally for “peace”. The enemies are the governments of the European countries who supported Saddam and are trading with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The enemies are the unscrupulous blind (no pun intended) politicians who try to make criticism of Islam a crime in your own country, or make Sharia, the law of the land in Canada because they covet the Muslims' votes. The enemies are the Australian judges who find a Christian priest guilty of inciting hate simply because he quoted the violent verses of the Quran and when he protested that what he said was the truth, he was told "truth is not an excuse". These are the defenders of Islam under the guise of multiculturalism. They are guilty of ignorance and ignorance is the greatest sin. They are not good doers, they are evil doers. 

Where is the outcry of the feminists in regards to honor killing, wife beating, clitorectomy, Islamic gang rapes, or stoning the adulterers? They turn a blind eye to all these crimes because when multiculturalism and Human Rights clash, the latter is always sacrificed to salvage the former and their silence become deafening. We find the French, the Brits, the Germans and all other ex-colonialists criticize America in every opportunity while they have their hands in the pockets of the poor people like Iranians and support the thugs in that country because with these gangsters in power they can steal the wealth of those wretched people together.  

Where is that French populace that so volubly protested against the war in Iraq now that it has become known that the high ranking officials of their own country received $1.7 billion dollars in kickback from Saddam from the money that was supposed to buy food and medicine for the Iraqis to defend him in UN and oppose America? Why do the French say nothing? Why were none of those politicians forced to resign? Would the hotheaded French have remained so stoical if the stolen money was their own? 

Yes we can fight Islam and we can win but first we have to win the other enemies of mankind, namely the leftist fascists, the feminists, the appeasers and the misguided “do gooders”. A divided house is sure to fall. Islam will win if the world remains disunited. The great Persian empire and Eastern Roman fell because they weakened each other with senseless wars and Islam subdued both of them. India succumbed to Islam because the Hindus underestimated the savagery of their enemies and instead of fighting, 50,000 of them gathered in a temple to pray. A much smaller but much more inhumane army of Islam fell on them and slaughtered the unarmed worshippers and conquered the country. Unless we learn our lessons from the history, we are bound to repeat our mistakes and our defeat will be guaranteed.

The world must wake up and realize that Islam is evil incarnated. It is so profoundly evil that many people refuse to accept this reality. This obstinacy to face the truth will cost all of us dearly. Many lives will be lost until the ignorant people wake up and realize they are dealing with the most malevolent force that ever existed. Do not let the name "religion" fool you. Islam is not a religion. It is a political system of domination. It is fueled by hatred and it is disguised as religion. It is precisely this camouflage that makes it deadly.      


Ali Sina 






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