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The connivance of Iranian Mullahs to make nukes should irk the civilized world


By A.H. Jaffor Ullah  

Iran is again in the headline world over. This time it is not their exercise in futility over electing the parliament members. Remember in early 2004, how did the Mullahs bar reform-minded liberal candidates from competing in the election? Now that they have gotten their way to elect only conservative candidates for their legislative assembly, they have focused their attention to making nukes. The sad part is that the Europeans and the rest of the world coddle the Mullahs as the nation is on its way to blast off the first nuke anytime soon. It is therefore very pathetic to see that “the world shrugs as Iranian builds its nuclear bomb.” The phrase put under inverted commas is not mine. The lead editorial of the Wall Street Journal on Iranian Mullah’s connivance to make nuke had written the sentence.

Iran was inspired to make nuclear device once both India and Pakistan blasted their experimental nuclear devices on May 11, 1998, (in Pokhran, Rajasthan , India ) and May 30, 1998 (in Chagai Hills, Baluchistan , Pakistan ). Iran wants to join the exclusive nuclear club for whatever reasons. The intelligence communities believe that Iran might go nuclear within the next year or two. The sign is written all over. These are following three infractions done by Iran in recent days: 1. Inspectors from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) found traces of nuclear-weapons-grade uranium in selective site inside Iran ; 2. Important information about the P-2 centrifuge used in uranium enrichment program has frequently required repeated requests from IAEA, and in some cases changing or contradictory information was given by Iran; 3. Iran ’s postponement until mid-April 2004 of the visits originally scheduled for mid-march 2004 resulted in a delay in the taking of environmental sample and their analysis by IAEA inspectors.

The world learned about the above infractions when IAEA inspectors had found multiple traces of 36% enriched uranium, which have no civilian uses and nor could it be used in a nuclear reactor to generate power. Up until now, the Iranian authorities could not offer a satisfactory answer. To make matters worse, the Iranian authorities had lied about having a sophisticated P-2 centrifuge for weapon-grade uranium enrichment program of the kind peddled by Dr. A. Qader Khan of Pakistan . On top of it, Iranians have sought thousands magnets for centrifuge-based enrichment of weapon-grade uranium. Finally, Iranians have not been able to offer any reasonable explanation for their experimentation with polonium-210, which is considered by IAEA to be the nuclear bomb trigger. The IAEA inspectors think that the reason they were barred from entering selective sites inside Iran is the sanitization of those sites in mid-march 2004.

Since Iran is a major petroleum-producing nation on earth, it cannot say so easily that they are using radioactive uranium to generate electricity. We also know that there are hawks in Iran who want Iran to have “Islamic Nukes” to threat the existence of Jewish State, Israel, and frustrate the so-called American colonialism in oil-rich Middle East . To make matters worse, on June 12, 2004, Associated Press quoted Iran ’s foreign minister Kamal Kharazi as declaring that “ Iran has to be recognized by the international community as a member of the nuclear club. This is an irreversible path.” This pernicious statement by the Iranian foreign minister had caught the attention of many U.S. policymakers by surprise. The harsh statement by Mr. Kamal Kharazi finally provoked the U.S. State Department to declare that Iran’s nuclear activities “are in no way peaceful” and “specifically designed to create weapons.” I culled this from the Wall Street Journal’s editorial published on June 14, 2004. The same editorial wrote, “We have heard a disturbing number of quiet remarks in Washington and other Western capitals recently to the effect that the world will just have to “get used to” the idea of the Iranians having nukes.”

This kind of sentiments to tolerate one more nation developing nukes is a very bad trend. Iran is not a stable nation by any measure of standard. In the name of democracy, they conducted a “fair” election only to bar liberal candidates. The Mullahs of Iran have ulterior motives to export their brand of Islamism in neighboring nations. Suddenly, the Americans will find out that the nations who are being protected by the security umbrella provided by this country will be jeopardized by Iranian’s bomb. Many nations in the Middle East may feel uneasy about Iran having its nuke; they would surely go for developing their own nukes thus ushering in a new round of nuke making. Therefore, Iran’s nuke making may engender a nuclear arms race in most volatile nations on earth.
Every time Iran does something out of ordinary in their quest to make nuclear devices, the U.S. goes to European nations thinking that they could broker a deal. Some months ago, the U.S. asked the Europeans to arrange an inspection done by the IAEA inspectors. The Iranians have violated the agreement with impunity. Therefore, the multilateral diplomacy is not having any effect on the rogue nation of Iran.

Under this backdrop, the WSJ editorial asked whether the Europeans would ever admit that Iran is indeed a rogue nation. There should be a measure of equanimity between the U.S. and her allies vis-à-vis Iran’s stance on developing nukes. Only then, the West could perhaps prepare a covert and military options to sabotage the Iranian nuclear weapon developing program. The other option could be to aid the forces in Iran who wants a fundamental change in their country. If the West let Iran go nuke out of benign neglect, then history will not look kindly. For, it takes only one rogue nation to make the world askew. If a single terrorist organization such as al-Qaeda could do so much damage by hijacking four passenger planes on one solitary day and then demolishing some tall buildings, then think about the consequence of one rogue nation that has nuclear arsenals and is willing to blast them to their perceived enemy could do to our humankind. Yes, it is possible. To keep the world a safer place for our next generations we should fight tooth and nail to make sure that no other nation could develop nuclear bombs. As a deterrent, the West could ask Iran to join the exclusive nuclear club without having to develop nuke. That way, their ego is satisfied and none of the neighbors have to fret over Mullah’s Green nuke.
Dr. A.H. Jaffor Ullah, a researcher and columnist, writes from New Orleans, USA






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