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These Muslims are very sensitive people...

By; IoshkaFutz

Probably a quicker way to stop terrorism is to find alternative energy sources and keep the High Octane Empire from financing the likes of the saintly Imam of Florence who was busted only yesterday for being an Al Quaeda agent.

The poor man, from poor Morocco, was in such anguish over the Palestinian question, that he simply couldn't refrain from figuring out ways to get his hands on poisons, explosives, and similar in order to randomly kill Italians... or was it randomly kill Shiites... or randomly kill...? (matters not who!)

So yes, Muslims being what they are, so saintly and sensitive, let us all strive to keep them happy at all times, or else these strange urges come upon them to shoot pregnant women and little children.

The ways of the lord are inscrutable... and this fine Ummah is doing the work of God, so we can be certain that whatever they do is holy... for do they not shout: "God is Great" while poking sticks into charred remains? Do they not take delight in 200 Spaniards roasted inside of speeding trains?

Let us all strive to keep the Muslims happy by destroying every last Jew who lives on that tiny per cent of the Old Turkish Empire! And while we're at it, let's kill all the Slovenians for stealing Rijeka from the Italians, all the Poles for taking Breslau from the Germans, all the Dutch and English for stealing America away from the Indians, all of Spain for the downfall of the Aztecs and Incas...

Let us never forgive, forget, compromise, but boiling with rage, let us kill, destroy, hurt, rape, expel!

But wait! A little statistic shows that 37% of Palestinians came from bordering Arab lands to present day Israel / Palestine , precisely in the early days of Zionism!

The Arab population increased the most in cities where large Jewish populations had created new economic opportunities. From 1922-1947, the non-Jewish population increased 290 percent in Haifa , 131 percent in Jerusalem and 158 percent in Jaffa . The growth in Arab towns was more modest: 42 percent in Nablus , 78 percent in Jenin and 37 percent in Bethlehem .

Oh goodness! Now what in hell did they do that for? Right when the Jews were stealing their land, more "Palestinians" came!

The Jewish population increased by 470,000 between World War I and World War II, while the non-Jewish population rose by 588,000. In fact, the permanent Arab population increased 120 percent between 1922 and 1947

What talent! To be massacred, robbed, oppressed and actually liking it! Liking it so much that Muslims actually moved in great numbers to be massacred, oppressed and robbed!

Surely this is a sign of special Islamic holiness! This is a special way of thinking!

Naturally, the Jews had nothing to do with Judea, no historical / cultural claim whatsoever... as they might've had on present day Saudi Arabia before they were driven out by...

Should I say it?



Well... the news just came in about what the Imam of Florence was planning to target...

It's all on tape...

It seems that to show his solidarity for the Palestinians and Iraqis, he was undecided whether to blow up a shopping center or a Multi-cinema...

The altar boys were Moroccans and Tunisians mostly... lots of phone calls to Syria

As usual not a word from the people or representatives of the Religion of Peace... It has nothing to do with them... The Imams of Rome, Milan and Florence all charged with terrorism or incitements of terrorism have nothing to do with Islam.

And Schumacker has nothing to do with Formula 1 racing and Ronaldo nothing to do with soccer, and Armani nothing to do with fashion, and Eros Ramazzotti nothing to do with singing...

Welcome to the nothing-to-do religion.






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