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Allah made the world, but St. Anthony finds the car keys


By: IoshkaFutz

Hello people, and greetings from a hotel room in Faenza. My portable is playing "I'm so glad I'm living in the USA." a pirated Chuck Berry CD sold to me by a Senagalese African street vendor inside a fashionable cafe of Rimini.

THE ISLAMIC RED LIGHT... the difference between Submission and Faith

SMITH: "do not make friends with nazarenes."
JONES: "no not ally yourself with Nazarenes"
PICKBONES: "Do not make friends or ally yourself with nazarenes or you become like one of them."

These are holy injunctions. LAWS

But Question: We're not laws by their very nature MEANT to be broken?

Of course they were, otherwise we'd all have to spend the rest of our lives in front of our first broken traffic light!


For obvious reasons there are GOOD, positive, untamable human impulses. Law breaking impulses. GOOD law breaking impulses, as dictated by common sense, expediency, and HUMANITY.

The trouble with many religions is that they are ordering people to stand still at broken traffic lights and they call those good, positive, untamable impulses to move on: "evil temptation."

It is said that every single snowflake is unique... if that's true, imagine the diversity of human situations, with all their personalities, socialities, racialities, anthropologicallities...

In truth, we are so diverse and complex, that every situation would require its own religion!

(probably cheaper and more efficient for all of us to became holy men!)

Religions should not only be able to recognize their broken traffic lights, but even presume that a time might come when it is the case to pull them down and build some stylish and dangerous (French Style) roundabouts with artwork and horticulture in the middle.

Take eroticism for example. Without imagining the world like a Las Vegas floor show or a Gay Parade, can we not enjoy and celebrate beauty and a few wayward impulses? Apparently not according to Islam.

But it's bizarre: if we draw a morality line with Burquas on one end and Pedophilia on the other... we find a culture with both, but without Pirelli pin-up calendars somewhere in the middle. Without Sambas and shaking tailfeathers on beer-sponsored carnival floats. Without the danger of soprasura.

With the pleasure of courtship whipped... love affairs stoned.

Traffic lights! Traffic lights! Step on the gas and wipe that tear away!

Probably the real cause of trouble is the need for ABSOLUTE. A red light has to be a red light or else all good will become evil, all health will decay, all law will become arbitrary. Any Hindu would have 10000000000 good arguments against such a paranoia. A Buddhist would dance around it, Methodists would eat their cookies and call councils...

But the solution is simple: saints, demigods, little holy people who are responsible for miracles of invocation.

Try. Just give it a try. The next time you lose something and can't find it... your car keys... pray to St. Anthony.

Sant'Antonio, Sant'Antonio di Padova, aiutami!
Saint Anthony, St. Anthony of Padua, help me!

You will find those keys (if they are to be found). Don't ask me how, but "something" will happen to make you look with better concentration.

You had despaired and instead... ECCO the car keys in your hand!

Why not associate others with Allah? Why can't a Sant'Antonio work alongside Allah... as a helper? Can God make a rock too big for him to lift? Could He not have created a world too complex for Him to manage alone?

(Only Pushkin knows!)






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