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The aftermath of Second blast of Bali  



Let me introduce myself.  I'm from Indonesia , just call me Iman.  I have been always a non Moslem.  

It seems that none of the people visiting this website never been in Indonesia for quite a long time, never witness the first hand what happened in the most populated Moslem country.  Indonesian people never write for the Op-Ed though they write in the forum.  

Enough for the introduction.  Let's get to the business. The Moslems again strike Bali with bomb for the second time. This happened early October 2005. The first blast strike Bali in 12 October 2002.  The date of the first blast was carefully chosen, exactly one year one month one day after 11 September 2001.  

After months of chasing, some of the executors of the first blast were caught by the police. Two of them are Imam Samudra and Alghozi. Judges have sentenced them to death.  Yet they have not been executed.  Of course the government and some lawyers play 'democracy' to their advantage.  

Today I heard the news that they moved the guilty ones (Imam Samudra, and friends) away from Bali because of the anger of Bali Hindu people have risen.  

Before and after the second blast, many churches in Indonesia have been torn down.  You can even watch it on public television! Yet, none of the executors have been jailed.  

Government have made it difficult for us to build shrines, viharas, and especially churches through the law that states when you want to build a praying place you have to get approval of the people surrounding you.  Of course, since most people are Moslems, it just takes one objecting person to fail the plan of building shrines, viharas, or churches.

Most of the viharas, churches, and shrines that exist now are the ones built before this law. i.e., before 1972.  

Indonesia was mainly Hindu and Buddhist country back to 12th century.  But yes, Hindu and Buddhist people on that time were naive in accepted the Arabs traders. Moslems penetrated by killing and by marrying.  

Moslems did to Indonesia what they did to India , to Iran , Iraq , Egypt , Turkey , and many other countries.  The blasts in Bali are just another proof they want to instill terror in the hearts of non-Moslem, and their desire to rule the world.  

Don't let it continue.









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