Leaving Islam




Hypocrisy of "Acadhimmia"

by Ibn Rushd
I am fed up with western academics.  They parrot to Islam, and trumpet their cause without fail.  If a voice says otherwise, they are silenced with a bad grade in the classes.  I am a voice who has been punished.  Merely for citing a book by Ibn Warraq, "The Quest for the Historical Muhammad".  I barely used it in an essay, and yet I was penalized simply for its presence in the bibliography.  I had written about Jews and Muslims through the ages.  I discovered it was not rosy and peachy.  As a result, the entire essay was trashed.  Every source was "biased" and "not scholarly".  Even an encyclopedia was no better than porn.  Bat Ye'or was an evil woman, and not worthy.  Ibn Warraq had "an axe to grind" and Ibn al-Rawandi was "an angry man".
These are the exact quotes!!  I do not lie!  I'm so ashamed of being a part of this institution, where the funding is very likely coming from the KSA (Saudis).  It's so scary when everywhere you go, there is a Muslim watching to make sure you say the right thing.  And if not a Muslim, then one of their faithful representatives: an acadhimmi.  These people are nuts!  They don't deserve our funding or our notice.  If these people are ignored, then they will go out of business.  I advise you not to send your kids to programs such as Middle Eastern Studies, Religious Studies, Cultural Studies, Islamic Studies, or the like.  These people are nuts.
As for me, I am speaking under a pseudonym as I may be expelled or lose my job, or something else terrible that I don't know which!  I can't tell anyone about this as they will think I'm the crazy one.







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