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Faith Freedom International is not a religious entity. We do not proselytize for any religion. In fact, we are critical of them all. At the same time, we believe that people must be free to choose their faith. Freedom of expression, which also includes expressing one’s opinions concerning any religion or belief, whether for or against, should and must remain the inalienable right of every human being. No person should be denied the right to express their views concerning any faith, even if by exercising that freedom of expression they may offend someone else. Theoretically, if I can stop you from expressing your views under the pretext that by doing so you are hurting my sensibilities, I then can use this as further leverage to take away your freedom of speech altogether. Under such a guise, I could claim anything you say is offensive to me and thus, by this misconstruing of the right of free speech, there also could go your freedom of expression. Therefore, free speech must be defined by that which does not incite hatred nor calls for violence, so that by staying within this accepted framework, it then allows everyone the freedom to say what they will, even if it means someone may not like what it is you are saying. Anything else is not freedom of expression. 

In Islamic countries proselytism for any other religion beside Islam is prohibited. Conversion from Islam to any other religion or apostatizing is against the law. While Muslims are free to criticize other religions, no one is allowed to say a word against Islam with impunity. While the Quran incites people to violence against the non-believers, any criticism of Islam could bring death to the daredevil naysayer. Faith Freedom International was created to denounce this abuse of human rights and the restriction of thoughts imposed by Islamic countries. 

What is so utterly shocking is to see how Islamic fascism is penetrating Western countries, and to see how in the process people in the West are beginning to lose their fundamental right to freely express themselves against it. Today, people who speak out against Islam, even in Western countries where free speech and open debate are encouraged, are being constantly attacked, both verbally as well as physically, by a growing, worldwide alliance of Islamofascists, now boldly on the march from the inside against their host western democratic countries, using whatever obstructive weapons they know will work, whether by legal means through lobbying efforts to outright threats designed to coerce and eventually silence those voices that are critical of Islam.  

The Reverend Mark Harding is a Christian who, like many of us who have studied Islam, is concerned about the deceitful and unchecked infiltration of Islam in Canada. He has actively organized conferences to warn people of the dangers of this religion and the potential threat it poses to the liberties of all Canadians. He does not advocate hate against Muslims, not by any means. His focus and criticisms are chiefly against the ideology, not its people. Therefore, taking away his right to speak out against Islam is nothing short of taking away his freedom of speech and is a violation of his basic human rights. 

It is a cause for grave concern to see that the City of Kitchener in Ontario has denied Rev. Harding the right to hold his scheduled conference, where he planned to speak against Islam. If what he says about Islam is true then why deny him the freedom to say it? And if what he says is untrue then it should be left up to the Muslims to debate with him, and to disprove him. By simply prohibiting someone from speaking their mind we then give a free pass to those who instead seek to further impose their own agenda, in this case Islamofascism, which as it is presently defined, stands clearly opposed to our own Canadian charter of rights. Even though we may disagree with Rev. Harding’s views, by what authority may we take away his or anyone else’s right to speak their mind? 

The following is an email Rev. Harding has sent to protest this violation of his freedom of expression. While Faith Freedom International does not share the Christian views of Rev. Harding, we nevertheless wholeheartedly support him in his efforts to expose Islam and oppose any restriction on him that would prevent him from airing his. We should not allow this form of Islamofascism to take away our hard-earned liberties and by deceit, impose itself upon unwary westerners especially the younger generation. Today Islam expands and is advanced principally through lies. The very claim that Islam is a religion of peace is a crude joke and a patent lie. Muslims go as far as saying that Islam elevates the status of women. If these lies are not exposed and if Islam is not eventually confronted and made to account for its insidious aims, the time will come when it will no longer willfully adhere to any recognizable rule of law, in which case it will then most surely resort, as it has done without fail throughout its entire history, to warfare and the instrument of terror to achieve its avowed goal of conquest of our cities and countries and eventually civilization, as it propagates Islam only to remove or subjugate those whose only crime is not being or wanting to become Muslim.

Ali Sina 



of Christian Evangelists


April 29, 2003

Dear friend.

What can one say ? I have now been denied my freedom of speech and freedom of religious belief’s . Just in case any reporter might have been actually reading an Email from myself or this Association. My appearence at the AUD has been cancelled, BY THE AUD.

MY FREEDOMS as a CANADIAN are being denied by the CITY OF KITCHENER. We have been asked basically, not to hold our conference in KITCHENER ONTARIO.

The same thing took place at the WALPER HOTEL IN KITCHENER Feb 1 2003. THERE We were "DENIED" our right to hold a public address on Islam as well.

At our Conference’s, We as citizens of Canada, and as soldiers in Christ our LORD , are calling to those who might have been mislead to believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace. We have proof , that it is not. We are tenderly and as lovingly as possible, BY THE LOVE OF JESUS HIMSELF, trying to assure our Christian Brothers and Sisters that Islam is not a religion of peace, but rather, it is a cult , and that the god of this cult is a WAR GOD. But more importantly, to help our lost friends of Islam, the Muslims. We try and help our Muslim Friends with a gentle hand to our truth as we believe it to be , by FAITH, ....On to the Path of the real God, the GOD OF THE JEWS.

But if the city of KITCHENER , cancels our conference , what freedom do Christians exactly have in Kitchener ANYWAY???

We will be at the AUD May 10th at 12:30 . We will urge the Public to here us .

God bless the soldiers of CHRIST.

Rev Mark Harding







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