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Islam, a religion of Peace???

This was the question That we went to Kitchener to ask. The answer should shock many Christians as well as the citizens of Kitchener Ontario.

It is with sad regret that I and my colleagues from Ottawa and the United States were surpressed in a way that would severely frighten most democratic countries in the world today. Of course in many Islamic countries, such as Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Indonesia or perhaps Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria, this type of obstructed suppression towards all Unbelievers of Islam is typical and in fact tolerated based on Islamic teachings that govern these misguided societies.

Although freedom of speech is a Canadian freedom, In any Islamic society today around the world, we find that no one has this simple right, except of course Muslims. But then again, Islam dose not allow freedom of speech, nor dose it allow freedom of religion.

However one would not have expected to find in Kitchener Ontario this same Islamic ruling being forced upon its citizens by way of threats and innuendoes. Yet that is exactly what has taken place On Feb 1st 2003. The poor Manager, Mrs. Strong of the Walper Hotel, had so cheerfully excepted our plans to hold this same conference a mere 6 weeks earlier, took our full finical obligation to rent a conference room and with well wishes, hoped we would have a wonderful Conference. However, after a extensive ad campaign and with the news about our conference taking place , Mrs. strong became very nervous about damage to her Hotel and the danger to her quests. Why? It seems Mrs. Strong received threatening communications via email and phone calls. By who? Well after receiving the phone calls I can only say this, Mrs. Strong, all of a sudden ( two days before the conference) required us too sign a document that would make us pay for any damages to the Hotel. We also were told we were to place $5000.00 down as a security deposit in case of damages and we were to hire undercover police officers even though we had already hired our own security team which we would use for all our conferences.

Why the sudden urgency to protect a hotel from a conference being put together by a Christian Pastor? Why, even after accepting these last minute demands for hotel protection, did the hotel still not allow this peaceful conference to proceed? The only conclusion I have is , FEAR. Mrs. strong needed no protection from me or any of the Christians who were to speak. No it is quite obvious that Mrs. Strong was worried about the brutal Islamic destruction that we have seen time and time again on the news. The brutal episodes at Concordia University in Montreal a few months ago, when the x prime Minister of Israel wanted to speak, Jews who came to hear him were beaten and spit upon, the damage to the university was like a picture out of a war movie (SEE CBC NEWS ) . The beauty Pageant in Nigeria where two hundred Christians were killed because of some innocent comments made in a local news paper about the prophet of Islam, and the destruction and deaths of Christians around the world because Jerry Falwell, Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson, all Christian Pastors, have agreed that they felt Muhammad the Prophet of Islam was a terrorist by the actions he displayed in the Koran and Hadiths , Islamís Holy books. I'm sure these vivid images were possibly in Mrs. Strong's mind when she received all of those emails and threatening phone calls. Its no wonder that she was so terrified that she asked us to protect her hotel from any damages, it appears she was not afraid of us, it appears she was frightened of Islam and asked us to pay for any damages that some followers of Islam may do to her Hotel. Why we should have to pay for damages caused by an Islamic group of terrorists in Kitchener is beyond me.

I came to ask only one simple honest question in Kitchener " IS ISLAM A RELIGION OF PEACE" ?

The answer is as obvious here in Kitchener as it is in EGYPT, PAKISTAN SUDAN or any other Islamic society around the world today where the freedoms of un-believers in Allah the Islamic Moon god, have been striped away. What is it that Islam is so afraid of you hearing Kitchener ?

As Christian Aagaard of the Kitchener Report said " There was one DISTURBING element and it came from the quiet protest: "the idea that Hardingís point of view should never be allowed to find a platform in the community, that it should be shut down before it "stinks up the joint". Aagaard went on to say : I couldnít disagree more. Harding is entitled to his opinion and he has a right to express it."

NOT ACCORDING TO ISLAM IM NOT AAGAARD, but perhaps Islam has more control in Kitchener than you thought?

Our new site in Kitchener for our Conference "IS ISLAM A RELIGION OF PEACE" will be announced shortly.

Rev Mark Harding

Exhortation Minister.

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