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 Symposium on Islamic Terrorism 
Part III

Earlier I published this Interview under another name. I apologies for mixing up the names. It was my error. 


My guest today is Dr. Habira. Dr. Habira has been conducting empirical and theoretical research in Islam and terrorism for more than three decades. After his graduation in psychology, physic and mathematics, he did his masters in English literature, MBA and PhD from London. He has been a British Council fellow and lecturer in Southeast Asia, Middle East, and London for twelve years. His analyses of Islam and terrorism have been collected in his book “God’s Tears: Modern Islamic Propaganda and the Reality of Islam” which is being reviewed for publication.


Ali Sina:  
Dr. Habira, welcome and thank you for accepting my invitation. Can you please tell us w
hat the terrorists want?  

Dr. Habira:

Those who physically commit acts of terror (blasts, slaughter, kidnappings etc.) and those ideologically supporting and conditioning them into glamorizing these acts differ in personal motivation. Those who act are prepared to die in the process but those guiding them want to live and govern. The mindset of the former has been described in the last page. The leaders of these terrorists aim at achieving the following short-term and long-term goals:

1.           The Wahabbi and Sunni terrorists want western forces out of Iraq so that they could punish and subdue the Iraqi Shiites the way they did since the murder of Imam Hussein 1400 years ago, first by the Umayyads, then by the Abbasids, and recently by the Sunni minority of Saddam’s regime. The Wahabbis and Sunnis are furious at the Shiites gaining power in Iraq and partially in Afghanistan . Rumours are being spread that the Shiites have made deals with United States to gain power. The Shiites are branded as traitors. In turn, the Shiites too raise slogans against the west and Israel to prove to non-Shiite Muslims that they are not traitors.

2.      Collectively, Islamists want to retake Israel and cleanse it of the Jews. Until the last century of the last millennium, they had cleansed the Middle East of the Jews but are furious beyond limits at the return of the Jews in the State of Israel.

3.      If, hypothetically, the above two demands are met, it will not stop Islamist terrorism because then they will demand Chechnya, Kashmir, more of Indian land such as the State of Hyderabad, and Spain which they believe was part of the Islamic Empire – the Khilafa.

4.      If, hypothetically, all the above demands are met, that too will not stop terrorism because then the Islamists will want Islamic Law to be enforced in Central Asian post-soviet republics (Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan etc.), in Bosnia and Kosovo, and in western cities such as Bradford (UK) where they have a sizable population. To reach this point, they are procreating faster than any other cultural group and setting up façade structures such as CAIR, Muslim Parliament, and the Muslim Council of Britain. In Britain they are closest to that point than in other western countries as shown in the massive memberships of Al-Muhajayrun, Hizb-al-Tahrir, the Khilafa movement, allied bodies, Islamic faith schools, 1500 mosques and allied madressahs.

5.      In the final, the terrorists want the process of Islamization to continue until the whole world belongs to Islam. This is what they believe God wants them to do. They are not willing to accept multiculturalism or secularism except as a short-term tactical deceit until they grow sufficiently in numbers compared to other cultural groups (see Muhammadan politics with the Jews of Medina).  


Ali Sina:  
Would you say that the terrorists are the ones who interpret the Quran properly or are they, as most people believe, extremists?  

Dr. Habira:  
Unfortunately Islam is based on fanatical devotion to the Qur’an and Muhammad’s examples above everything else. Muhammad used the most vile and horrible methods such as ethnic cleansing, secret assassinations, kidnappings, robbery, deceit and cunning in the propagation of Islam and domination of other people. Such has become the morality of Islamic politics broadly and generally for 1400 years, despite tactical withdrawals, and this is codified in scores after scores of violence generating and hate-breeding Qur’anic verses. The terrorists get all the moral support they need from the Qur’an while the `good Muslims’ do neither challenge its divine basis nor read it except at times in classical Arabic which the latter do not understand but still revere as God’s word.

Ali Sina:
Do you think that the moderate Muslims could one day take over the control and make Islam a peaceful and moderate religion that would coexist with others in peace and harmony?  

Dr. Habira:  
The fact, that the vast majority of the so-called moderate Muslims denounce the reformists, shows that they are not willing even to take the first step to reducing violence. Moderate Islam has never agreed to reform the Qur’an and anyone who tries to do so is branded and persecuted as an apostate by the very common Muslims. The so-called moderate Muslims leave the violent basis of Islam unchallenged for the terrorist to implement, while they present the ritualistic side to the world and thereby deceive it. Moderate Islam is more deadly because while the terrorists are clear enemies, the moderates make inroads into `infidel’ lands, and deceive the host cultures until the terrorists could do the dirty work. Without the moderate Islamic façade, the terrorists cannot survive because they will be quickly exposed. History is replete with example after example of this typically Muslim deceitful strategy of advance.

The evidence that moderate Muslims protect the terrorists is as follows: As soon as the terrorists strike somewhere in the west, (such as the London underground on 7th July), the moderates appear on the television and other media with the following deceits: “The terrorists were not Muslims; The terrorists came from abroad; The terrorists were Israelis or western intelligence agencies who want to give a bad name to Islam; We are under threat from the far right; We need protection from the far right”. The moderate Muslims do not allow Islamic reformers and critics on their scores of television channels though they use every available media to propagate that they are the victims of non-Muslims and thus incite hate and anger. More evidence comes from that while the moderates seldom report the terrorists to the police, they force the reformists to run for their lives.

The mindset of the terrorist is the extreme manifestation of that of a devout Muslim. The two vary only in form and modus operandi, not in nature. That is why we do not see active resistance to terrorism from within Islam. For example, the Arab League has made no serious efforts to bring the Iraqi factions to live in peace. Likewise, the `moderate’ Muslim leaders in Britain always refuse to accept that there are Islamic terrorists in Britain .

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