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Prince Charles Is Fond of Islam, Scolds Americans

J. Grant Swank, Jr.


"Prince Charles. . .wants Americans - including Mr. Bush - to share his fondness for Islam," according to the Telegraphs’ Andrew Anderson.

Charles will be arriving in America shortly. One of his primary reasons for meeting with US President George W. Bush is to convince him and the rest of the country to side up to Islam more. We are much too intolerant of Muslims. We have to come around more.

He calls Americans much too "confrontational" regarding Islam. We should build cordial bridges to that religion. After all, it is a religion among religions.

Several years ago Charles also stated that in his position he no longer regards himself as the "defender of the faith" but the "defender of the faiths." Therefore, Islam comes under his wing. He is about to defend it vigorously while in the USA .

Since 9 / 11, Charles informed the press that Americans have pinned too much anger upon several deranged Muslims so as to envelop all Muslims in that carnage. Charles believes that US ’s reasoning is off base. We need to realize that the unstable acts of a few should not blemish the entire conclave of Allah devotees.

"’I find the language and rhetoric coming from America too confrontational . . .’"

Charles "urged the West to overcome its ‘unthinkable prejudices’ about Islam and its customs and laws."

Look at that face! Doesn't he look like an idiot? a useful idiot!

Obviously Charles and British Prime Minister Tony Blair have not spoken frankly with one another about the threat of Islam. Blair has informed media that he is so irritated at Muslims threatening the British that he is tempted either to intern them or deport them. Blair calls Islam an "evil ideology."

Further, Charles evidently has not read the murdering passages of the Koran. . Nor has he taken into consideration the Muslim time line for making Islam world rule.

The fact is that Islam is not a religion among religions. Christianity, Judaism, Shintoism, Confucianism, Buddhism and Hinduism do not advocate killing off all those who do not agree with their tenets. Islam advocates that all non-Muslims, being "infidels," must be slain. Cowardly Muslims who do not enter into the slaughter are to be slain by zealot Muslims.

Therefore, Islam is not a religion. It is a killing cult. Civilized nations close down killing cults.

It is not surprising that Charles has no realism base for his appraisal of Islam. In most liberal seminaries today in the course on World Religions, Islam is presented as other than what is fact. It is painted as a tame brand of religion with Allah as deity and the "holy book" being the Koran. This has the tradition of theologically liberal seminary training for years. It is the same when world religion is permitted to be taught in public schools. The killing cult aspect of Islam is simply not taught to the students.

On Thursday at Georgetown University , Washington , Charles will attend a seminar on religions. No doubt that assembly will hold to the same tame overview of Islam rather than present the stark facts of a cult intent on taking over the planet. Charles will then leave the meeting having been charmed, proceeding on his way throughout the nation courting Islamics and preaching to Americans to be more accepting of Islam.

It is abhorrent that Charles, with the power attending his position, has been so duped by Islamic leaders he has courted. Yet it is so. And the world is in extreme danger because of it.  







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