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Why Do Muslims Build English School For Females?                               

J. Grant Swank, Jr.


I’m left with questions here.

According to the Lancashire Evening Telegraph, there’s a first in those environs. Muslims are going to have an all-female high school.

Islam in particular, according to the Koran and custom, does not afford education to Islamic females. They are garbed from head to foot. They are not permitted to have an education, hold a job, look at a non-Muslim — considering it might be a bit difficult to do that when one’s head is cloaked, leaving but a little opening for eyes to peer through.

Nevertheless, so-called "honor killing" is still going on in some Muslim communities, females who trespass according to males present being shot in the head or done away with via some other murdering means.

Therefore, when I read that Muslim females, young ones at that, are going to be open to book learning in Lancashire , what gives here?

The report reads: " Lancashire ’s first Muslim state school is expected to move to purpose-built premises and double its number of pupils within five years. Privately-run Tauheedul Islam Girls' High School, in Shear Brow, Blackburn is due to open its doors as a voluntary-aided school in September 2006. Around 280 children are expected on the new school's rolls in its first year as it remains on its present site."

There are Muslim schools in other parts of the world where students are instructed that Jews are "descendants of monkey and pigs." They are taught how to kill Jews in particular. So it is that their instructors breed murderers global for the next generation. These kinds of schools have been receiving some documentary attention via American media.

But what’s with this Lancashire girls’ high school supposedly providing legitimate curricula?

" Blackburn with Darwen's Council's education director, Peter Morgan, has confirmed the school will be allowed ‘to grow’ and eventually move to a new site.

"He said: ‘The governors, with the support of the authority, will expand the number of pupils to 600 within next five years.’"

That means that Muslims are going to give primary attention to educational advancements to girls, but not just a small group, an enlarging group. Does that mean a takeover eventually of the community by Islamic radicals?

These legitimate questions are not evidences of lingering paranoia but proper questions, knowing what the killing Koran teaches, mainly, that non-Muslims are infidels and must be slain in the name of Allah.

So what kind of Koran instruction will these youths be receiving?

"In establishing a Muslim state school, Mr Morgan said, was simply reacting to the demands of the community. He said: ‘What came out very strongly in consultation was the parents who wanted a Muslim faith education in the same way as someone of a Catholic or Church of England education.

"’These parents felt marginalised as they had to seek an education for their children in the independent sector. They said although Muslims represent 30 per cent of the community in terms of number of children, they were not being recognized in same way as other faiths."

Is this bogus propaganda? Is this a reflection of the lies told by CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations)? Is this a not-so-subtle plot?

"’What they wanted to do was join the community of schools within the borough and develop with the resources and expertise you get from being in this family,’" representatives inform reporters.

Stay tuned.






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