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Europe Fears Muslim Take-over 

J. Grant Swank, Jr

Anxiety heightens in Europe over Muslim immigration increase as well as recent Muslim inspired atrocities set loose — the Madrid carnage and now the stabbing murder of Theo van Gogh, filmmaker, who crafted a movie depicting Islamic male torture, rape and murder of Islamic females.

Muslims say they fear for their lives. Just the same non-Muslims exclaim that they believe the Islamic onslaught of killing off non-Muslims has planted itself ongoingly in Europe. That’s why there is much debate as to whether or not Muslim Turkey should be admitted to the European Union.

With Theo van Gogh’s bloodied body still in the forefront of Dutch minds, the Netherlands is sitting on the edge of its collective seat. Who will be next? There are those who assisted van Gogh in the filmmaking who are under police protection. Others have gone into hiding for fear of their lives.

Flowers, prayer cards and hand-scrawled notes have been placed near where van Gogh was knifed, his throat slit as a final message to non-Muslims. Europeans picture the act as dittoed in other countries that have taken in huge numbers of Muslims.

The United States slowly is getting the same message. With much being touted that Islam is a "peace religion," it has been difficult for the stark truth about Islam with its killing-texted Koran to break through. The western, democracy-focused mindset wants to be acceptant of all religions. However, whereas Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity do not dictate those not in agreement with their tenets be killed, Islam dictates that non-Muslims be murdered in Allah’s name.

Five sheets of paper spelled out the call for Muslims to rise up against "infidel enemies" in the West, according to AP religion writer Brian Murphy. The missive was attached to van Gogh’s corpse, let lying in the Amsterdam street. His day had begun with a bike ride down an exceptionally busy thoroughfare; it ended with knife wounds from a Muslim killer.

The Dutch are frightened. "Enemies live among us," one note warned from the sidewalk strewn with bouquets and slips of paper. Fright has rippled across the nation and now throughout the continent. Political authorities are wondering what to do to stave off the growing alarm. Some conclude Muslims must not be permitted further entry. Others caution that outbursts of slaughter and mayhem are about to spew forth elsewhere.

A pro-Muslim note left at the scene prophesied that non-Muslims would come to their end with "infidel enemies of Islam throughout Europe, America and the Netherlands" suffering severely at the hands of those faithful to Allah.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a lawmaker who scripted van Gogh’s film, "Submission," has been targeted as the next victim.

A film on the internet preached that lawmaker Geert Wilders must be beheaded because he supposedly insulted the Muslim religion. Wilders is considered a "right-wing" spokesman. The Muslim who cuts off his head is due an eternity in Islam’s "paradise," the internet message offered. Wilders has set up a police watch for his own safety.






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