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Muslims Get Their Way Again: Rotterdam

J. Grant Swank, Jr

Theo van Gogh was stabbed to death this week by a Muslim. Others are being held by police as possible accomplices of some sort. The Muslim did not like van Gogh’s film depicting male Muslim rape, torture and killing of female Muslims. In other words, Muslims get their way with the knife.

Now they got their way by phoning the mayor and police in Rotterdam.

Chris Ripke is a painter — the kind who comes up with pictures, not the kind who paint houses for summer money. Anyhow, as an artist, he pictured an angel on the outside wall of his studio. It was because he was so sad concerning van Gogh’s murder. He was also outraged by the lack of genuine Muslim reaction to the killing.

The angel was painted, then beneath was inscribed the words THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

It just so happens that his studio is near a mosque. Well, that means that Muslims don’t like what the painting stated though they were slow to act when van Gogh was stabbed to death. Nevertheless, while insanity reigns in some places, Muslims called the cops. Those in the mosque were incensed over the angel and the statement.

They told the police that the whole depiction was "offensive." The mayor was phoned. Therefore the mayor dutifully called the police department, demanding the painting from Ripke’s wall be removed for it was "racist."

When the cops got to the scene, accompanied by men from the town service department, they were about to erase the so-called rude artistry when a TV journalist stood squarely in front of the art work, defying the others to do anything. With that, the cops arrested him. Of course. Justice must prevail, after all.

All through this mayhem, a carmerawoman was filming every detail. The cops, noting this chronically, forced her to erase what she had filmed.

The cops proceeded to erase the THOU SHALT NOT KILL from the private wall of Chris Ripke, bowing to the Muslim demands that that quote from the Bible is a "racist" statement and thereby is "offensive" to them.

Next scene?

Your neighborhood. Be on the watch. Have your cameras handy. But somehow stave off the cops. I don’t know what to counsel you about the Muslims. After all, Allah via the Koran dictates that they kill non-Muslims. So. . .


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