Leaving Islam





J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Hamas was brought into being by Sheik Ahmed Yassin in 1987. He founded Hamas to wipe out Israel. He had one purpose in setting up his organization — to destroy every Israeli and the nation Israelis inhabited. It was a singular aim. And from that shot, Yassin never retreated. Likewise, his disciples followed on his heels. It was to kill that Yassin existed. He lived to murder. His reason for breathing was to set blood flowing in the streets. Yassin thrived on hate.

Yassin, once having destroyed the planet of Jews in Israel would then establish his own Muslim politic. Islamic rule would clamp down as an iron fist upon every human being under its grasp. The Koran would be its guiding light — that killing manual intent on destroying every non-Muslim or taking every non-Muslim into slavery. In other words, Yassin not only lived to hate the Israelis and their homeland but also to hate non-Muslims, destroying them. Yassin had an ambitious program laid out before him and his enthusiasts. Thus, he sold his soul to his killing religion. Those who became a part of his entourage did the same. They continue with that aim to the moment.

Yassin was successful in his slaying in Allah’s name. His devotees gave themselves to blowing themselves up, believing that they would be welcomed into Allah’s eternity, enveloped in an orgy of lustful embraces by voluptuous females hungry for their pleasures. This is the moronic, pornographic base on which the Islamic religion rests. It is this dementia which lures Muslims to blow themselves up, spinning their souls into the obnoxious Netherlands prepared for the Prophet and his "saints."

Yassin, following his rusted soul, has slain 377 Israelis and wounded over 2000 in untold numbers of attacks. If not Yassin, his followers in his name have set loose such atrocities. Therefore, followers or Yassin, Yassin is responsible in that he established the murder factory to destroy Israelis and level their homeland.

Ismail Hanieh, close assistant to Yassin, promised to carry on Yassin’s legacy. Hanieh vowed to proceed with the murdering of innocent human beings. He will lift high the mandate of 1987 into present-tense blood letting. Obviously, Yassin has schooled his deputies well in the knowledge of carnal extremes. He has mentored those given to Allah’s evil religion. There can be no other take on Muslim religion but that. It is a religion of slaughter, its disciples surrendering their earthly sojourns to snuff out all who do not agree with the Islamic "faith." By its own so-called holy writ, Islam in Christian terms must be regarded as nothing but demon-possessed, originating in the caverns of hell. Allah is in fact Satan. Allah’s heaven is in fact hell. The Koran is in fact the unholy writ of Lucifer’s clan.

With Yassin’s death, Hanieh proclaims: "Sheik Hassin’s death is not going to harm or affect the movement. It’s going to give us encouragement to go ahead with our program to achieve our goal." Of course, if Yassin had continued to live and perhaps die a natural death, his followers would have seen through Hanieh’s proclamation. Therefore, whether alive or dead, Yassin’s Hamas struts down the Middle East dusty roads intent on slaughtering Israelis, then finally overcoming every non-Muslim.

Realizing this as the baseline to what’s going on in the Middle East, Israel has no other agenda but to keep on keeping on with preserving its own existence, regardless of the cost, regardless of the backlash from around the world.

With that stated, it is a parallel to the free world. Every country that regards its liberties as precious is now faced with the Hamas cloaked in planetary garb — murderers global, that is, Islamics intent on destroying every non-Muslim and every non-Muslim government. Every nation based on freedom will eventually have to understand that this is the sphere we now inhabit. There is no gray area. There is no middle ground. It is either bow down to the Muslim politic or do away with the Muslim politic once and for all.

Those who strike out against Israel’s attempt to preserve itself will eventually realize such reaction to be folly. Those very nations finding fault with Israel will someday confront the enemy set on wiping out all free governments. The enemy will be none other than killers international stomping forward in the name of Allah.


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