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Goldwater on defense of Anti- CAIR 


Geneva 8th. May, 2003

Dear Mr. Rahman;

I have seen your comments to
ACAIR (a group that has no racism in their midst's but concerned about their heritage of freedom concerned about CAIR and it's cause against such freedom).

I found it more than important to give my opinion on the subject, sorry to be rather lengthy about this, but I cannot ignore such, despite being no member from ACAIR, but a very well versed Internet Correspondent and Commentator.

Truth cannot, must NOT be hidden ... as some may like to want to achieve to mislead the world's attention ....like CAIR has in mind.
To first of all make a Statement:

I am as a Swiss citizen;
For the freedom of religious belief, but I am not for any religion that promotes fanatics, as for instance the fanatic Wahhabi Cult, and face it, if you like it or not, CAIR participates in such promotion, it is actual a very active part of this Cult, which wants to rule through the sword and morbid suppression the world, and that's not any more ANY FREEDOM AT ALL ....

CAIR doesn't inspire FREEDOM but submission to their rules only.
Where is the Freedom in that ?

CAIR condones terrorism no matter how you try to excuse it or turn it, and they hide it.
CAIR has a long standing vile history being connected to terrorism.

People linked to the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which is on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations, founded the group CAIR in the early 1990s.

Despite officials, that insist they don't support terrorism, CAIR officials have defended Hamas and the Lebanese group Hezbollah.

What does that tell you ?
(Unless you then agree to Hamas and Hezbollah and the whole nine yards being peaceful, loving people)

How come Muslims have not yet come standing tall .. have not yet come out, even most being American citizens, to address reality issues, to voice their concern about terrorism committed by their brothers ?

I therefore question if next you'll agree in theory that Yassir Arafat and Saddam Hussein plus Osama should be considered then just simply fighting racism and discrimination ... no difference here just different names.

Al Haaj Ghazi Khankan, head of CAIR's New York chapter, was quoted as making fine distinctions between Hamas's killing of Israelis above and below the military age of 18.

"Those who are below 18 should not be attacked," he said.

So in other words attack any Israeli who is above 18..

Can you possibly call this a distinction of Human Rights Values, fighting discrimination or racism, it isn't ... it's condoning openly terrorism.

The group has also circulated a petition calling on the federal government to unfreeze the finances of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, which has been accused of funneling money to Hamas.

Do you find this acceptable, if yes, we have to start to wonder if you were around when 9/11 happened, and do you then find 9/11 acceptable in order to call such people just fighting racism.... ?

I fully support Mr. Steven Emerson's (you should look him up on the net) view - quote: "That's like calling that the New York chapter of the KKK is not as controversial as the national chapter," he said.

The New York chapter's (CAIR) Web site displays an unusual response to the September 11 attacks, a letter to the editor of the New York Times written last October 5. <<<< link
which has been fast taken off by CAIR .. wonder why ... I have an idea, public sudden image may just learn the truth behind CAIR's real face  ?

The letter, in which CAIR suggested to its members send the paper, questions whether Mohammed Atta and other Muslims were responsible for the attacks and speculates on who really benefited -
echoing theories that the Bush administration or the Israelis orchestrated the attacks.

CAIR was also the co-sponsor of a forum at Brooklyn College in 1998 where a crowd chanted "No to the Jews, descendants of the apes."

Tell me is that in your opinion fighting Racism and discrimination ?..
Or as I see it rather inciting people to Racism rather.
Being Racists indeed against anyone who is not participating in Islam ...

Coming to talk about Freedom... Is it Freedom that.. .....

CAIR, asked the Guilford County Republican Party to remove a link to a Web site that it says misrepresents the Islamic faith. 
Which actually was simply showing facts.

The site in question was called Islamexposed.com. <<<< a site actually copied from http://main.faithfreedom.org/ <<< from Dr. Ali Sina.

But really, is radical Islam different from Islam? 

Where can we find the real, the "unradical", the uncontaminated, the pure, the peaceful Islam?
Show me please .. I have not yet found it after a serious long term search, surely not in CAIR.

Isn't the real Islam the one taught in the Quran?

Such as for example in the Surahs:
By which the perpetrators that committed and still commit terrorism live by  .. line by line:

This book reveals that the Quran is filled with hateful verses towards the "unbelievers, the pagans, the Jews and the Christians".

This book, not only exhorts Muslims not to take the non-Muslims as friends nor accept them as rulers; it also instructs them to fight the non-believers and murder them. 

And CAIR isn't telling any one that this isn't their cause, since it is their final cause, and not as you claim "fighting discrimination and racism" the opposite is the very case.

The Quran is explicit in saying that pagans must be killed, their wives can be raped, their properties looted and their families sold as slaves.

It says that the people of the book (the Jews and the Christians) must be subdued and humiliated and must pay protection fee or die.

Isn't this a message of hate? Who is going to apologize to the world for what is in the Quran? Tell me please.

But CAIR doesn't like people to see such and demands the removal to such links .. where is the freedom in such:

Here examples of your very own Surahs' .. and don't come telling me it's a poor translations.. we heard it all, but these Surahs are part of the Quran, and there's only 1 Quran:

Quran tells Muslims to kill the disbelievers wherever they find them (Q. 2:191),
to murder them and treat them harshly (Q. 9:123), slay them  (Q. 9:5),

fight with them, (Q. 8: 65 ) even if they are Christians and Jews, humiliate them and impose on them a penalty tax (Q. 9: 29).

Quran takes away the freedom of belief from all humanity and tell clearly that no other religion except Islam is accepted (Q. 3: 85).

It relegates those who disbelieve in Quran to hell  (Q.  5:10), calls them najis (filthy, untouchable, impure) (Q. 9: 28).

It orders its followers to fight the unbelievers until no other religion except Islam is left (Q. 2: 193). It says that the non-believers will go to hell and will drink boiling water (Q. 14: 17).

It asks the Muslims to slay or crucify or cut the hands and feet of the unbelievers, that they be expelled from the land with disgrace and that “they shall have a great punishment in world hereafter” (Q.5: 34).

“As for the disbelievers”, it says that “for them garments of fire shall be cut and there shall be poured over their heads boiling water whereby whatever is in their bowls and skin shall be dissolved and they will be punished with hooked iron rods” (Q. 22: 19). Quran prohibits a Muslim to befriend a non-believer even if that non-believer is his father or brother (Q. 9: 23), (Q. 3: 28).

Quran asks the Muslims to “strive against the unbelievers with great endeavor (Q. 25: 52), be stern with them because they belong to hell (Q. 66: 9).  The holy Prophet demanded his followers to “strike off the heads of the disbelievers”; then after making a “wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives” (Q. 47: 4).

As for women the book of Allah says that they are inferior to men and their husbands have the right to scourge them if they are found disobedient (Q. 4:34).

It teaches that women will go to hell if they are disobedient to their husbands (Q.  66:10).

It maintains that men have an advantage over the women (Q. 2:228). It not only denies the women's equal right to their inheritance (Q. 4:11-12), it also regards them as imbeciles and decrees that their witness is not admissible in the court (Q. 2:282). 

CAIR is NOT part of the Main Stream Muslim people in the USA, unless Main Stream Muslims in the USA are all convinced that 9/11 was a joy trip, and the Quran must be followed line by line, as just the terrorists did and still do.

None of CAIR's voicing falls under freedom of speech or _expression, it's Islamic vile fanaticism.

Freedom of Speech is contrary to what CAIR reveals:
"Act as free men, but do not let your freedom be a cover for evil."

CAIR will lead to final corruption of the free USA and it's secular State.

CAIR will proceed to finally force the USA to become an overwhelming Islamic State, and that's exactly what Islam is all about, taking over the world make it their world. By the book line by line.

This is RACISM .... and is DISCRIMINATION ...

Not fighting it, as you claim.

Their (CAIR) world of a totalitarian system, they already voice, by not accepting OUR freedom of _expression and freedom of speech and choices of religion and humanitarian rights to all man kind, as well as children and women.

Isn't it unconscionable that this religion call of the death of people who choose not to believe in it?
Isn't it unconscionable that this religion instill the hatred of disbelievers in its followers?

CAIR conveniently pre-empts any discussion of the jihad element. They refuse it our right.
But it cannot be so readily dismissed.

CAIR conveniently ignores factual truth about their own organization and Islam, in order to purposely mislead the public.

No matter how you see it ... the reality is that Islam is regression not progression of mankind at it's present form, and it's this blindness of the followers that is the real issue here.

Now ... please YOU smell the real roses (as you claim we should) .. those that are grown in freedom .. in the soil of truth and not lies, in the soil of love and honor of all man kind, not in the suppression of people.
Wake up to reality of facts

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction."

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said: "There is nothing quite so terrible as evil masquerading as virtue."
And that's what CAIR is all about.

Ms. G. Goldwater
Switzerland, Geneva
[email protected]
Internet Correspondent and Commentator


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