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     Now recall how Ahmadinejad likes to sit on his high moral horse lecturing Israel about such things. He did so again in his recent letter to President Bush. 

     “ Palestine ” underwent partition so, as on the Indian subcontinent (with the creation of Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan) and elsewhere, the political rights of competing nationalisms could at least be addressed. Had Arabs accepted the additional 1947 partition plan, they would have wound up with about 90% of the borders of the original 1920 Palestine Mandate. They rejected the 1947 division of the remaining 20% of the land left after purely Arab Jordan was created from the rest of it in 1922 because, in Arab eyes, there is no justice other than their own.

Jews--like Kurds or Berbers or Assyrians or Copts or black African Sudanese, and so forth--were entitled to nothing in what Arabs like to call their exclusive "purely Arab patrimony." Note that the vast majority of Arabs were newcomers into the Mandate themselves as the Records of the Permanent Mandates Commission of the League Of Nations and other solid documentation testify to.  

       Ahmadinejad refuses to acknowledge any of this, claims all Israeli Jews were from Europe (tell that to Israel ’s Iranian-born President), and the like, yet answers the political aspirations of millions of other non-Iranians living on his own soil only with massacre and repression. 

     Hypocrisy at its worse… 

      Turning to the Arabs of Khuzestan / Arabistan in particular, at any hint of unrest, Iran  has been quick to act in its own national interests. Arabs have been ethnically cleansed from the area and replaced by others. 

     As just one of many examples, when Arabs of the Nahda (Renaissance) movement bombed Iranian targets not long ago in Ahwaz and elsewhere, Iran arrested thousands of them and set out to "fix" the problem by any means necessary.  

     Iranians continuously do likewise to Kurds, Baluchis, and others as well who dare to assert their own political rights. Thousands have been killed as a result over the years in the name of Iranian nationalism. 

      So, this all begs the question of both the man and the nation he represents... 

     Why does justice supposedly demand that the sole, microscopic state of the Jews--half of whom were refugees from the “Arab”/Muslim world--consent to national suicide so Arab settlers and colonizers can have their 22nd state and second one in Palestine, but Arabistan should not gain independence from Iran as well? 

     If a Palestine much smaller than Iran could undergo partition in the name of justice for diverse peoples, then why not Iran ? Arabs already got the lion’s share of justice in the partition of the original 1920 borders of  Palestine

     So, Ahmadinejad, you’re correct. 

     It’s indeed time for the Arabs’ 22nd state to be born... 

     Long live Arabistan!







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