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   Syria ...Seriously

by Gerald A. Honigman



     I can't get the image out of my head.

     There she was, Ashleigh Banfield, MSNBC's  rising star, standing before a statue of the great Muslim warrior, Salah al Din, in Syria , glorifying the Arab claim that they were his modern descendants in the fight against Jews and other allegedly new crusaders in the region.

     Arab tyrants love to make such claims. Syria 's twin butchers to the east are famous for this as well. Saddam still loves to present himself as Saladdin reincarnate. He needs to be hung quickly...better yet, gassed.

     And poor Saladdin is rolling in his grave.

     A Kurd from northern Iraq (where Arabs later gassed and massacred Kurds by the tens of thousands), he indeed led the fight for the Dar ul-Islam against the crusaders in the Holy Land . But those were the early centuries, and despite the Abbasid Revolution (largely supported by the Mawali) which toppled the Damascus-based Arabist Umayyads over such issues, non-Arab converts to Islam still sought to win equality in Arab eyes (and escape special taxes) by toeing, especially well, the Islamic line.

      Listening recently to the Muslim but non-Arab Iranian President's renewed remarks about Israel 's destruction, some things change...and some things never change.

      The way for non-Arab Muslims to pass the ultimate litmus test is to out Arab the Arabs in Jew hatred.

     Some of the worst hate-mongers on campus that I encountered were from Pakistan , Iran , Afghanistan , and so forth. That was the ticket to stand tall along side Arabs in the Muslim Student Organization, etc.

     So, while Iranians are now busy slaughtering Muslim Arabs in oil-rich Khuzistan, Muslim Kurds, Muslim Baluchis, Muslim Azeris, and others as well in the name of their own national interests, they're religious credentials remain impeccable. Supporting Hizbullah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad in the struggle to exterminate the Jew of the Nations (whose population includes tens of thousands of Iranian Jews who fled for their lives), insures this as well.

     Back to Saladdin...

     In 1968, the Kurdish nationalist, Ismet Cherif Vanly, wrote The Syrian 'Mein Kampf' Against The Kurds ( Amsterdam ). So I couldn't help but feel sickened by seeing that MSNBC reporter endorsing the Arab line while standing in front of a mounted statue of Saladdin. If he only new what the Arabs would be doing to his own people centuries later...long after their conversion to Islam, and still going on as I write this article: Kurdish children being forced to sing songs praising their Arab identity in schools; Kurds slaughtered for nothing more than seeking to be able to retain their own cultural identity while obtaining some semblance of equality; and so forth. A visit to such websites as www.kurdmedia.com will be instructive indeed.

     Keep all of this in mind when you consider that the above murderous, despotic junk heap leads the pack in attacking those allegedly "racist Zionists" who have made Arabic the second official language of their state, have Arabs who side with Hamas as representatives in the Knesset and leading demonstrations at Hebrew University, and have, as citizens, the freest Arabs living anywhere in the Middle East. And this despite the fact that many of the latter do indeed compose a potentially dangerous fifth column.

     But now we come to the real reason for this article...

     Despite Syria's deadly hegemonic attitudes and actions towards what it sees as its Lebanese "provinces;" despite its appalling treatment of Kurds, native Jews, and others as well; despite its support for terrorists undermining Iraq's attempt at democracy; despite the great likelihood that many of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction found a home in Syria; despite Damascus' support of major terrorist organizations whose aim is the destruction of the Jew of the Nations and giving safe haven to those organizations within its own borders; despite its record as mass slaughterer of any and all who decent, author of the infamous "Hama Solution;" etc., etc., etc....America would be squeezing the Jews right now--not Syrian Arabs-- if circumstances were just a bit different.

     Sad but all too true.

     Had Syria not opposed America in Iraq , the Foggy Folks would be pressing forward with former Secretary of State James Baker's pledge to Assad the First, butcher of Damascus , of a total Israeli retreat from the Golan Heights . Dubya has made Baker, the Bush's close family friend (whose law firm represents the Saudis), his Special Middle East Envoy. I've written much about Baker's Jew problem elsewehere, so we'll drop it for now.



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