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The public execution of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Last days Ayaan Hirsi Ali was the subject of a vicious left wing media-attack. Leon de Winter reported the following on his blog The Free West:


Since she first entered the political scene, Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been very frank about her life. In countless interviews she gave the facts of her life: she was born in a Muslim family in Somalia, which meant that she had to undergo female circumcision, as a child she fled that country with her parents when one of the many civil wars started, later she fled an arranged marriage and found refuge in Holland after lying that she came directly from Somalia instead from Kenya and after changing her name from Hirsi Magan to Hirsi Ali and changing her birth date. 

Last Thursday, VARA, a Dutch public tv-broadcaster closely linked to the social-democratic party PVDA, aired a program called ‘Saint Ayaan’.  

In this program, Ayaan was accused of having tried to hide the truth about her past.  

The following was “revealed”: she was born in a Muslim family in Somalia but as a child she left that country when the civil war started, later she fled an arranged marriage and found refuge in Holland after lying that she came directly from Somalia instead from Kenya and after changing her name form Hirsi Magan to Hirsi Ali and changing her birth date. 

What was revealed?  

Nothing was revealed, nothing secret, no unknown facts, that Ayaan had not revealed herself when she entered Dutch politics.  

Nevertheless, a curious mob of social-democrats and rightists extremists has gathered now looking for the end of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  

Why? They say because she lied when asking for permission to stay in the country in 1992.  

In Holland ’s most popular late night talkshow, BvD, Ayaan said on 9.11.2002 after she was asked how she entered Holland :  

‘I arrived in ’92 and at that time the whole world came [to Holland ]. There were civil wars all over the place. The Balkan, Sierra Leone , Somalia . It was favorable to come from Somalia . I don’t know if I got a refugee status because of my story. I did not report I arrived from Kenya . I told them that I came from Somalia .’ 

Question: So you needed to lie in order to get a refugee status? 

Ayaan: ‘Absolutely! But I don’t know if I got it based on that lie. Presently, people lie as well and they don’t hand out permissions to stay, but at the time it was an easier period to give out permissions.’ 

Again: this was in Holland ’s most popular talkshow. We all knew about this 'lie' for four years now. She has been mentioning this herself many, many times. 

Now, the VARA television “revealed” that Ayaan lied in 1992 when she asked to stay in Holland . And VARA pretends that she tried to hide this lie, which is a lie by itself.  

Something unbelievable is unfolding in Holland in the last 48 hours: despite the fact that the so-called ‘revelations’ VARA aired are widely available on the internet for years – just Google the fascinating New York Times Magazine piece written by Christopher Caldwell – Ayaan-hating extremists from the left to the right have bonded and are now trying to hang her in public. 

A part of the public loves it. It is always great to see a prominent person being hanged. She was admired by many, but at the same time people were afraid that Ayaan’s ideas were provoking the Islamists.  

Ayaan was considered a firebrand, and these ‘revelations’ are now being used by the multiculturalists and politicians with all kinds of objectives (for instance: to hurt the liberal party that is now in a huge upswing in the polls) in order to silence her, hurt her reputation, kill her character. 

They seem to be succeeding. After Ayaan was ordered two weeks ago by a court order to leave her apartment within four months after her neighbors took her to court complaining that her presence was endangering their lives – the court order turned her into an official pariah – ‘mysteries’ in her past, about which she has been totally open and honest, are now being ‘revealed’ in order to destruct her reputation.  

During World War II, eighty percent of Dutch Jews were deported to the camps and killed. They were often delivered to the Nazi’s by the Dutch themselves. They wanted to protect themselves and hoped that collaboration would make them safe.  

The Dutch leftists now desperately want to hang Ayaan in the hope to restore the multicultural dream. VARA created an atmosphere in which so-called ‘revelations’ mystify and falsify Ayaan’s past and present.  

We are now witnessing in Holland the public execution of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.








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