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When I started my online activities my first email was [email protected] About five years ago it was suddenly disabled. After insisting for explanation, I was told that I had “violated their term of service". They never disclosed the nature of the alleged violation. A few friends told me that MSN is under the influence of the Islamists and that is the reason I was banned so rudely without notice so at least I could save my address book and important emails. What is actually more worrisome is that these people can get into your mail and read it.

This time was the turn of my friend Amil Imani.


by Dr. David Yeagley

April 27, 2006

Amil Imani, the well-known Iranian-American patriot has been banned from MSN Hotmail. Why? Mr. Imani is a well known writer, who receives hundreds of emails, daily. Mr. Imani has promoted nothing but American patriotism, and has encouraged nothing but democracy for Iran. His writings speak for themselves. (He was just published in the Baltimore Chronicle--an article about promoting democracy in Iran.)

So why would MSN Hotmail suddenly close his account, without notice, without stated cause?

Here's the word from an MSN Hotmail office (given after some three days of intense inquiry on the part of Mr. Imani):

Hello Amil,

Thank you for writing to MSN Hotmail Technical Support.

This is Elizardo and I am writing in response to your concern on why your account was closed. I apologize for the delay in responding to your message.

We have closed the your account because of a violation of our Terms Of Use (TOU).

For privacy and security reasons, we can provide no further information. However, you may review our TOU at:

MSN Website Terms of Use and Notices

Thank you for your time regarding this matter.


Elizardo C.
MSN Hotmail Technical Support


Hello Amil,
Thank you for writing back to MSN Hotmail Technical Support 

My name is Divino and I gather from your previous e-mail with Elizardo that your account was closed.  

We have taken appropriate action in accordance with the MSN Terms of Use (TOU) on the account that you reported. It is a strict violation of the TOU for our members to send objectionable material of any kind or nature using our service. 

For privacy and security reasons, we can provide no further   information.  However, you may review our TOU at: 


Thank you for understanding. 


Divino T.
MSN Hotmail Technical Support

So what aspect of these terms did Mr. Imani violate? "For privacy and security reasons," MSN cannot say. Are they afraid of being sued for the denial of free speech to an American citizen--who has done nothing but promote American patriotism and advocated American freedoms and democracy for Iran?

Could it be the simple fact that Mr. Imani has dared to speak against Islam? Could it be that Mr. Imani has renounced the Muslim religion with more insight, more passion, and more common sense than anyone else? Could it be that he speaks the words that everyone else is either ignorant, unable to articulate, or simply afraid to speak?
Is his condemnation of Islam the reason why MNS "can provide no further information" as to why they closed his account?

Mr. Imani is very well known in Persian circles around the world. He is well known among American-Iranian circles. His emails number in the hundreds daily. To abruptly close his account, without notice, is an outrageous act of betrayal, and is it traitorous to American values. Do we have to sue now for our basic Constitutional freedoms?

So, what's behind this? Who owns MSN? We are told Microsoft owns at least MSN's Money. These technology companies are all internationally connected. It is going to be difficult to say who exactly owns Hotmail. It's part of a larger pool. They compete with each other even within the parent group.

But, since there are something like 2 billion Muslims in the world, it is quite likely that any major world company must consider the disposition of the Islamic peoples. It is quite likely, therefore, that anyone as forthright about Islam as Mr. Imani is bound to be censored. That's right. Censored.
The iron cowl of hatred lingers, yea, looms continually, like
a dark, evil shadow. It brings violence and death in its train.

The only problem here is that this is supposed to be the land of free speech. Has the global Internet therefore impaired freedom within America? How ironic. How critically wrong. The enemy, the Arab Muslims (al-quaeda) can use the Internet to broadcast murders, tortures, hatred, damnation of America, etc., but, a person living in America, who knows Islam, who understands its liabilities, cannot use the Internet to express his views about Islam? He cannot warn the world of the dangers of Islam?

Globalism must cater to maniacal Islam, or so it appears. People may cite the case of the Danish Cartoons as an example of what can happen in when you upset the Muslims. If this is the truth, then Muslims must be quickly returned to their home countries. They are destroying freedom everywhere they live.

In the case of MSN Hotmail, they are destroying freedom in America. Ask Mr. Imani. How long will it be before they destroy his web site? And who among us is next?!







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