Leaving Islam




Terrorists Cross From Mexico

By David Johnson  

On September 11th I spoke at a convention in California in remembrance of 9-11.

I was but one of about a dozen experts on Islam including several Arabs, Palestinians and Sudanese who certainly know what they are talking about.  

I also had the opportunity to visit Walid and Maria Shoebat in their home. What a fine and courageous man he is. We had met before but took this time to cement a real friendship and future working relationship. 

I have long stated that Muslim terrorists are crossing into the United States from both Canada and Mexico but this was my opportunity to find out first hand what is happening.  

I went to the border between San Diego California and Tijuana Mexico and actually went into the area between the two walls that separate Mexico from California (Can you imagine a wall separating two nations?)  

Anyway I spent time with members of the United States Border Patrol and actually witnessed one "jumper" going over the two walls and into the U.S.  

He was just too fast to be stopped.  

The real reason for me writing is to tell you that the Border Patrol told me that they had stopped three Egyptians and three Palestinians getting across on that very day (September 11th 2004). 

With more than 1200 miles (about 2000 kilometers of border between Mexico and the U.S. (most of it not protected by a wall) how many Islamic terrorists actually did get across on September 11th?  

One might guess that if they caught six, as many as 80 or 100 could have been successful in "immigrating" to America .  

With these king of numbers there will soon be more terrorists in America than Police Officers.  

By the way one of the Border Patrol Officers also stated that about 10% of those coming over the border are Muslims.   






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