Leaving Islam




Bin Ladenís Tactics

By David E  

Bin Laden threatens terror attacks in the U.S. unless the U.S. meets certain conditions. Of course, these conditions will include leaving Iraq and Afghanistan , abandoning any bases in the Muslim world including Saudi Arabia , Kuwait and Qatar and abandoning any support for Israel .  

Clearly, the Americans and the West would suffer greatly from the terror attacks. But who really has the most to lose from future terror attacks against the West? I would suggest that it is the Muslims themselves.  

The Slow War. There are 17 million Muslim immigrants in European countries. If demographic patterns hold, those Muslims could be a significant minority in Europe by the end of the first half of this century and a majority in most Western European countries by the end of the century.  Muslim women are winning the slow war by giving birth to 4x as many babies as Europeans. The Muslims do not need to engage in a military war to win. All they need to do is to not integrate and keep breeding. That may be all that is necessary to win the Slow War.  

Therefore, all the Muslims may have to do to take over is control themselves! Donít provoke the Europeans to take action and wake up.  Let the Europeans actually believe that Islam is not a religion of war.  

Letís look at it this way! Is there any greater nightmare for the U.S. than a Muslim Europe? And, the Muslims just have to keep on breeding to prevail. The Muslims may not have the tools to win a military war but they may not need them. All they have to do is win the Slow War and take over the Westís military tools.   

How the Muslims Could Lose the Slow War.  Another set of terror attacks might cause Europeans to want to give in more. However, it is equally likely that such terrorist attacks will cause leaders who are extremely hostile to Islamic interests to be elected. Those leaders are likely to ban the burqa, stop paying welfare to Muslims, crack down on polygamy and possibly even expel Muslims.








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