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Well Even Wily E. Coyote Will Find an Easier Target at Some Point

By David E.        


Wily E. Coyote was a much more interesting character when he could talk. In one of the early cartoons, he is asked why he doesn’t just move onto prey other than his nemesis, the Roadrunner. Wily explains that each part of a Roadrunner is delectable for a coyote. That is why this 160-IQ coyote has been chasing Roadrunner forever.      

Anyway, the Arabs have been trying to crush Israel just as Wily E. Coyote has been trying to crush the Roadrunner. And, much as Wily E. Coyote has failed in his numerous attempts, the Arabs have failed in their numerous attempts. The Israelis, just as the Roadrunner does, knows that a single defeat could be their last.  

“Roadrunner, the Coyote is after you,

Roadrunner, if he captures you your through”  

Now after 57 years of existence, Saudi Arabia has chosen to end the Israel embargo and even enter into trade with Israel . The Saudis certainly are not forced to do this by economic reasons.  Does this mean that the Arabs have decided that they want to live in peace with the Jews? 

What I think it means is that just as Wily E. Coyote will eventually move on, the Saudis have decided that there might be  more interesting targets than the Jews after all.  

Let’s look at it this way. Why did the Arabs start attacking the Jews? The dimwitted PC explanation is that this was to save Palestinians. But Jerusalem and much of what was called Palestine were never majority Arab territories anyway.  The so-called Palestinians are largely Syrians, Iraqis or Egyptians.  

The truth is that the Arabs perceived the Jews to be the weakest of all of humanity! Because they had bullied, attacked, robbed and unfairly taxed the Jews for centuries in the Ottoman Empire and the Jews could never defend themselves or retaliate. The wars were a Jihad in which the Arabs thought that they could go in and plunder the Jews. (Rape the women, steal the land, the whole Jihad thing) 

They know now to defeat the Israelis, the Arabs will have to fight a brutal war. And, Israel will defend itself. Millions could die.  So why not look for weaker prey. After all, Wily E. has to give up on that Roadrunner sometime.  

Well I think the Arabs have found their new prey. The Arabs riot in France and how do the French respond. Create another 50,000 jobs for the Arabs. The Arabs rape and plunder in Norway and Sweden and what is the response. “Let’s make sure that the Arabs are not excluded from jobs and opportunity.” I think the Arab states have found their new targets.









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