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The Virus Must Be Stopped

by Dariush Shirazi 

If, for only a moment, we could melt away all the rhetoric about Bush's military service, failure to uncover stockpiles of WMD, and the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, and instead focus on the bigger picture of freedom's struggle in the Middle East and the future of our world, we would arrive at a very sobering conclusion. The tumultuous history of the human race has led us to where we now stand, on the verge of a historic moment, a moment that if seized to the fullest could give birth to unthinkable beauty, prosperity, freedom and peace. 

The question we should all be asking ourselves is not "What about the economy, stupid?", or even, "What about the weapons, stupid?" We should really be asking those questions that remain unasked, almost intentionally so, such as - "What about the Islamic Regime in Iran, stupid?" and

"What about the Iranian people who are overwhelmingly pro-US, anti-tyranny and begging for a chance, stupid?" Of course these questions are far from stupid, and in fact the answers to them shine light on many fundamental aspects of this "War on Terror" and the so-called "Forward Strategy of Freedom". 

As coalition soldiers roam through the streets and villages of Iraq and Afghanistan, a grand strategy is being devised and implemented in an effort to halt the progress of democratization and freedom. This operation has been launched in the face of America's proposed effort to achieve freedom and stability in the region, and the operating headquarters are without a doubt, to the East of Iraq, in the hands of the Mullahs who brutally hold onto power in Iran. The Clerics who have repressed the Iranian people for over two decades through their systematic murder, torture and imprisonment as well as political assassinations throughout Europe and the United States, have only one thing in mind. They will go to any and all lengths to maintain their mafia rule, and they will do this by spreading their virus into all corners of Iraq and Afghanistan, until the forces of freedom retreat or until the Mullahs are stopped! 

President Bush speaks of a forward looking strategy of freedom in the Middle East, and the natural willingness within all humans to be free, but by rhetoric alone this objective will not be achieved. America's proposed objective is by all means the right one, and in fact many Americans would have supported military action against the regime in Iraq even without the

WMD argument, but the past is the past, and the people of the world stand ready, in the midst of a historic battle between the forces of good and evil. 

The future of the world depends on the outcome of this battle. On one side there are the Terror Masters, who, through brute repression and enforcement of a twisted fanatical ideology, control large masses of land and it's inhabitants. On the other side, is the free world, a world that grows more interconnected and united each day. However, this evolution can be broken and reversed. The world's evolving state depends on freedom for all human beings, and it's unfailing defense, however the terror masters continue to spread their virus, in an effort to prevent the administering of the one and only cure, freedom. This infection will prevent globalization. This infection will prevent peace. In the end, the successful spread of this virus will destroy our hopes, goals and dreams for the future of the world. Time is not a luxury we have. We must act now! 

As witnessed in Iraq, we have found that the cure to this virus is not found within the bark of some tree, but rather it lies within every human being. When the Iraqi regime fell, the cure was released after decades of suppression, and beautiful notions of progress, evolution and liberty were triggered. However, almost immediately the virus began to spread through the porous Iran/Iraq border, within vials carried by thousands of Islamic Clerics sponsored and guided by the regime in Iran. Through propaganda and violent military assaults they are attempting to halt any progress in an effort to destroy mankind's cure. They will continue to spread their fanatical virus, unless they are stopped. 

For the American Administration to wait and fail to act for fear of the political uncertainties brought about by the election-cycle whirlwind sweeping across the land of the free and home of the brave is an outright mistake, and a dangerous one at that. President Bush must set aside the political storm clouds that now cast shadows over America, for one last stand, a stand that will most certainly bring about the achievement of his proposed goals for freedom, as well as rewarding him with another four years in office so that he may continue his leadership and sustain current progress. 

The ongoing political circus being played out in Iran has shown that neither the "hardliners" nor the so-called "reformers" have the support of the people. Iranians have for years viewed the regime in Iran as illegitimate, and on February 20th they will show to all of us how illegitimate the clerical regime really is, by their proposed massive boycott of elections. The regime will claim that the Iranian people boycotted the election because many reformers were banned from participating, a lie they want us to believe. We can also count on the regime to pay off and bring in bus loads of Iranians from rural areas to vote, in an effort to show there was no boycott, we mustn't fall for their tricks. Politicians in America and abroad who have been paid off by the regime as well as regime-loving journalists will surely twist and turn the facts, we should ignore them. The regime has been illegitimate for decades, and has sponsored international terrorism from sea to shining sea. On February 20th, 2004, the Iranian people will make their case to the world. We must hear them! 

The cure to the entire debacle and virus that is spreading throughout the Middle East rests in the hearts and souls of the Iranian people. If after the February 20th election, when all Iranians declare the clerical regime illegitimate, we fail to act in support of the Iranian people, we will have

made a huge mistake and committed a great disservice to all of humanity. Everyone of us has a stake in freedom, and its victory in the Middle East. We must not wait one day more and we must never fail to defend freedom.  

It's time for one last stand!  

Dariush Shirazi is a pseudonym of an Iranian-American university student and Los Angeles-based freelance journalist and can be reached at [email protected]    






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