Leaving Islam





D.C. Watson

Recent polls are telling an interesting tale. A tale that reflects the results of the unacceptable behavior coming out of the Islamic world, and the results of Muslim militants wearing expensive suits, trotting around the Western world, attempting to subversively undercut the legal systems of democratic nations, aiming to persuade dimwitted politicians to pass hate speech laws, and playing the media for the fools that they are. All of this is geared toward one goal: The implementing of Islamic law around the world.  

Simultaneously, they are playing a bogus race card against people who refuse to buy into what they're peddling: That all they want is to peacefully co-exist with all of us, but are the poor, oppressed victims of "Islamophobia."  Slowly but surely, however, Americans are becoming increasingly aware of this game.  

The tale continues with the same Muslim militants reading poll results that indicate a public relations nightmare for them, as the perception of Islam continues to plummet. Again, because Americans are on to their game.    

Here are some suggestions for all of you Mohammedans that may help you with your dilemma of having a public image that's in the dumper:  

Learn about, and respect the sacrifices that have been made by American citizens and American soldiers throughout the past 230 years that made the United States of America the wonderful country that it is, and kept it that way.  

Understand that the Americans will not be told what to do by anyone, and that includes you, as you so stringently adhere to the fighting words of Muhammad.  

For anyone who still seeks answers about the sensational Islamic prophet, you can read more about him here.  

Stop murdering your sisters for adopting the Western lifestyle, wearing make up, and dating non-Muslim men.   

Stop strapping bomb belts to your torsos with the intent to kill as many innocent people as you can while you blow your bowels all over a bus or street.  

Stop cutting off the heads of live, outnumbered, bound, innocent civilians, as you yell "Allahu Akbar."  

Is it really necessary for you cavemen to lop off someone's hand or foot with a sword for stealing? Especially if it's food so they can eat, or feed their families?  

Stop rallying around Islamist toilet bugs like Sami Al-Arian, yet another Muslim living in America who attempted to present himself as mild mannered in public, yet when surrounded by his brethren, behaved somewhat differently. Like many before him, he has finally admitted his involvement with a terrorist organization, and the nation will smell that much better after he's deported.   

Public stoning. Most of us used to throw rocks, when we were seven.  

How about keeping your oversized polyester trousers zipped up, and stop raping Western women.  

The Muhammad cartoon riots. Quite possibly the stupidest thing you've done thus far during your lifetime. However, if you're young, there's no doubt that you'll try to top it.    

Rioting in your non-Islamic host nations, destroying thousands of vehicles, dousing a handicapped woman with petrol and then setting her on fire, and eventually causing a couple hundred million dollars in damages will not endear you to the citizens of these countries.  

Stop burning down churches, temples, and synagogues? If you don't change your ways, and fast, rest assured that you'll be seeing plenty of fire where you'll be going.  

Stop migrating to non-Muslim countries and then complaining about the national past times and traditions that they practice in their own lands. And you honestly wonder why so many people think that you're out of your minds?    

Stop pushing for Muslim holidays, and prayer rooms in American public schools. What have you prima donnas done to deserve special treatment that is not afforded to those who follow other religions?   

Stop speaking to our students in American public schools about the "similarities" between Islam and Christianity, and telling them that the United States is a Judeo-Christian-Muslim nation according to the beliefs of our founding fathers. In other words, stop worming your way into American schools and lying to our kids.    

Beards are not a requirement in Islam. You know this, and so do we. So, stop filing lawsuits in an attempt to obtain special treatment. If your job requires you to not wear a beard, then do what you're required to do, or go find another line of work.  

Do you mutilate your own genitals? No? Then stop forcing little Muslim girls to go through the brutal practice of female genital mutilation.  

Stop chanting death to America and burning American flags, and then whining when America cuts off your financial aid after you vote in a terrorist network to govern you.  

For God's sake, will you stop beating on burning cars with your shoes?  

Stop blaming television and movie producers for Islam's negative image and start looking inward toward your own co-religionists.  

Organizations like the Council on American Islamic Relations feel that education is the "key to improving public perceptions of Islam."  

With their own words and actions, Mohammedans around the world have provided the necessary education to give anyone with even one eye open the ability to arrive at the correct conclusions.  

It should be quite simple, Mohammedans. If you move to non-Islamic lands, despite what your Imam may tell you in the mosque, or what your friendly neighborhood Muslim civil rights organization may encourage you to do, it is not your duty to disrupt free society while you hide behind a religious drape. It is, however, your duty to adhere to the laws of the lands to which you've migrated, and to respect the citizens of your host nations. Your beliefs do not override the national laws of free societies, nor should they ever.  

The West offers all of you freedoms that you could never imagine having back in Qur'an land. You have an opportunity to live a peaceful, quiet life. So, instead of beating your little pigeon chests every time you feel that someone insults your beloved "prophet" or your "holy" Qur'an, you should either learn tolerance, and try to work and play well with others, or you should voluntarily remove yourselves from the civilized world, and move back to where you came from, where knuckle draggers are welcomed with open arms.







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