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Muhammad’s Little Warriors

D.C. Watson  


A decent amount of your co-religionists simply continue to go about their day, and couldn’t care less about this ongoing, overplayed, ridiculous cartoon ‘controversy.’ They discuss issues, not set them on fire. Then there’s you. Your wild eyed, off the hook behavior is unacceptable, and reeks of your desire to impose your ‘will’. You are making complete asses of yourselves all over the world. A world that is finally watching. All of these riots, arsons, and deaths….and over what? Cartoons of your founder, Muhammad.  

According to you, Islam prohibits the depiction of all prophets.  

However, from what has been written, it is beginning to look as though you’re using this cartoon row as an excuse to raise more hell. According to a gentleman by the name of Amir Taheri "there is no Quranic injunction against images, whether of Muhammad, or anyone else".  

So I ask: If these cartoons, now being seen all over the world had shown Muhammad helping the elderly, poor and weak, or breaking bread with Jews and Christians, would all of you still be running around acting like you have no brains?  

Should the time for tolerating your violent, destructive outbursts finally come to a grinding halt? Congratulations: You have now proven to the world that you have no respect for anything that resembles freedom or equality.  

You are nothing but hypocrites. While you whine for religious equality in the West, non-Muslims living in Islamic States continue to be persecuted, and Churches continue to burn. In Darfur , Sudan , the world sits with its thumb up its ass while Muslim militias butcher African Christians, and rape their women and children. Meanwhile, Bibles are confiscated the minute travelers to Saudi Arabia step off of the plane.  

You have migrated from a backward, oppressive culture in the Middle East and Africa to Western lands that exercise freedom of thought, expression, and speech. Yet, if any of this insults you, Dr. Jekyll becomes Mr. Hyde, and you roll out your widely demonstrated intolerance, lack of self control, and unrelenting self righteousness.   

Every time you go over the falls like this, you prove hundreds of millions of people right. While we are a generous and tolerant culture, living by the code of equality for all, you show the world through your willingness to tear up other people’s shit over a few cartoons that your hate is poorly cloaked, and knows no bounds.  

Our European cousins seem to be at a loss as to what to do with you. Perhaps they should work to locate, and then re-energize their national pride, take back their streets, and boot you out.  

What those who continue to appease you fail to understand is that although they may mean well, they are not viewed by you as tolerant, but as weak. They haven’t learned yet that they are merely stepping stones for you to implement Islam into their societies. They need to understand that they are appeasing their way into extinction, no matter what Taqiyah you, or your talking puppets shovel out.   

Far too many of your Imams, clerics, and representatives have demonstrated their inability to hide their agenda of establishing Islamic dominance around the world, leaving the writing all over the wall.  

For example, one of these Danish Imams led you to believe that some of what you were shown were more depictions of Muhammad when in truth, they were photos taken at a French pig-squealing contest. In other words, this Imam, like so many others, is nothing but a violence inciting liar, and you fell for it.  

Your talking puppets tell non-Muslims that Christians, Jews, and Muslims worship the same God. Well, my God doesn’t tell me to slay, ambush and hold captive everyone who is different from me. Q 9:5

If your rebuttal to this is that we follow the same God, but with different interpretations, then you ought to know that your interpretations are severely out of alignment with free society.  

These now world famous cartoons have drawn you out into the open, which is indicated by your calls to war:



Death to France, Death to Denmark  

Muslims attack Danish Embassy in Jakarta  

Armed militants threaten Europeans  

Do you value freedom of speech?  

Muslims burn Danish and Norwegian flags in Nigeria  

Filipino Muslims burn Danish flag  

Protests over cartoons in Somalia, Turkey, Egypt.  

All over this, fellow Westerners, it’s all over this:




Your makeshift placards and your actions confirm everything you stand for, little warriors.  

The religion of ‘peace’ is also spreading its goodwill in Iran , where a newspaper is now planning Holocaust cartoons.  

Wait, wasn’t it Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who said that the Holocaust never happened?  

We in the West have our own beliefs. We don’t need you and your  ‘we are the believers and you are the infidels’ zombie thought process migrating into our societies, telling everyone how to live, what to say, and what not to say. The good people in the West are at last getting fed up with you.  

Instead of listening to what some of these good for nothing Imams are telling you, listen to your more intellectual, level headed co-religionists, who have some solid advice for you. If you’re offended by something you see on television or hear on the radio, then you’d better learn to turn the channel.  

If you don’t like what you read, then don’t read it. We are free, and we ain’t changin’ for you. Some of your illustrious leaders in Europe are now crying for both blasphemy laws and ‘hate speech’ laws. This attempt by Mohammedans to halt our freedoms isn’t going on just in Europe . Mohammedans residing in the United States , Canada , Australia , and New Zealand hope for the same thing.   

Tonight on my way home, while scanning the radio for something to listen to, I ran across Michael Savage’s “Savage Nation” right when he took a call from a Muslim who called himself ‘Abdul.’  

‘Abdul,’ went on to say this: “Just because this country has freedom of speech does not give anyone the right to insult my religion.”  

Savage then asked him where that was located in the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights. ‘Abdul’ went on to say something to the effect of ‘check your history, this is a ‘country of immigrants’, to which Savage replied “that’s right, but now the problem is that we have too many immigrants coming here, trying to tell us what to do.”   

It’s like this, Mohammedans; we will stay free, even if it means eventually sending you away.   

In one of the photos posted in this essay, there is Muslim fanatic holding a placard that reads “Freedom go to hell.” Maybe it’s just high time for Westerners to finally say enough is enough…..to hell with you.  


9/11 USS Cole 


3/11 Madrid 7/7 London








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