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The expectations from Muslim leadership for the home team to better understand its guests is unrealistic. The French, Spaniards, Norwegians, Germans, Australians, Swedes, Dutch, Danish, Brits, Canadians, and Americans have all experienced the Islamic thought process. Groups like the CAIR have their hands full, and it should remain that way until they are closed down.  

United States :  (video)  France , London , Madrid ,  Australia Berlin , Sweden , Norway,   Australia,  Amsterdam,  Canada, Denmark  

Not to be outdone by their letter to the President, CAIR has also sought a meeting with the Ambassador to Denmark over “offensive cartoons.” (here and here)

From the column: Executive Director Nihad Awad offered his group’s assistance “as a bridge between the Muslim community worldwide and the government of Denmark .” He proposed a meeting “to discuss areas of mutual cooperation in helping to remedy the situation.” 

“We all value freedom of _expression and the right to critical thought,” said Awad. “But we should also use good judgment and common sense to avoid actions that will be perceived as intentionally insulting to others or that promote hatred.”  

Practice what you preach, Awad. Cartoons aren’t going to make people who already have a low opinion of Islam and its "prophet", lower their opinion any further than it already is. And besides, if you are seeking a meeting with the Danish Ambassador, you might want to try to touch base with the German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Swiss, Hungarian, and French Ambassadors too, because those "offensive cartoons" have also been published in all of these European nations. 

With this latest move, the Council on “American” Islamic Relations appears to be broadening its horizons, venturing into Europe ’s ongoing problems with Muslim immigrants.  

Have Muslims gone overboard again with all if this ruckus over published cartoons of Muhammad? 



Are Muslims justified in staging worldwide protests over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad? 

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I don't know.




The best thing any politician or media source could do for themselves is to first distance themselves from some of these Islamic groups, and then work to have them investigated and targeted for closure.  

In the meantime, say what you want, draw any cartoons that you desire, sing any songs you like, wave your American flag, wave the flag of your respective nations proudly, and always keep in mind that you are free to do so. These lands are yours, built by your ancestors. This is the West, not the Middle East , no matter how badly the CAIR or any other Muslim group wants it to be. Never allow yourselves to be made to feel ashamed of your heritage, it’s who you are. 



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