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Islam: Religious obligations? Or illegitimate excuses to sue?

 DC Watson

Now that the running list of Muslim criminals in the United States has been established: and the "Muslim fanatic self-test checklist" has been instituted: the fact that "passionate" Muslims using our legal system for their own benefit should also be exposed. Muslims, certainly not all, but many, are attempting to manipulate the American Justice system by hiding behind the curtain of "religious freedom". Yet, their claims of "religious obligations" are not entirely legitimate, and deserve a closer look. 

Since the existence of Islamic moderates in the United States , with a few exceptions, appears to be more myth than reality, Muslim fanatics have taken their so-called "religious obligations" and demanded special treatment in America that they'd never receive in the Muslim world. The names of these sensational beings are included, for they too deserve to be in the spotlight. 

Florida: Sultaana Freeman, a convert to Islam, "sued the Florida State highway department in 2002 for not permitting her to remain veiled for her driver license photograph, saying it violated a state statute protecting her free exercise of religion."
You can see Ms. Freeman
here in a mugshot taken when she was arrested in 1998.  

From the article: "According to assistant attorney general Jason Vail, Freeman was arrested for child abuse after one of the twin foster children she was caring for broke an arm. She pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of aggravated battery, and the children were removed from her care". A winner for sure.  

"Freeman, her husband, and a local Islamic scholar all testified that removing the veil would violate the strict code of Islamic law, Sharia". 

Just a few things:  

1. Possessing a valid license to drive in the United States is a privilege, not a right.  

2. This is a prime example of a Muslim refusing to accept the fact that Shari‚h law does not apply in the United States of America , and even if it did, it does not override the U.S. Constitution.  

3. Covering a woman's face in a Driver License photograph is not a requirement of Shari‚h law. In Saudi Arabia ("Bigotville") women are not permitted to drive. In Iran , United Arab Emirates , Egypt , Oman , Kuwait , Qatar , Bahrain , and  Jordan , women do not cover their face in Driver License pictures.

Is Ms. Freeman's claim not a complete farce, or should we all rent Batman and Cat Woman costumes the next time we renew our driver's licenses?  

Philadelphia , PA : Curtis De Veaux, according to the Associated Press article, a "practicing Muslim for about five years" was recently involved in litigation with the city of Philadelphia over wearing a beard (prohibited by the Fire Department) while working as a Firefighter, "refusing to shave his beard on religious grounds". 

From a Muslim column: "If growing beards was mandatory in the Noble Quran, then we would have nothing to argue about. But since it was mentioned in the Sayings of our beloved Prophet peace be upon him, then it is important to know whether this law should apply to all times and all places or not. Some of our Prophet's Sayings and laws were made only to solve situations that occurred 1400 years ago".   

So, was it Muhammad who invented the practice of profiling?  "Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him ordered Muslims to grow beards, because he didn't want them to look like the Pagans." 

"It was important back then for Muslims to look different than the Pagans for both security and cultural reasons. By making it easier for Muslims to distinguish each other easily, it would certainly enforce safety and security among them.
Muhammad practiced this protective measure, so why do Muslims cry about it in the West?  


Cleveland , OH : Somali Muslim cab drivers: Instead of acting like they have some sense and praying in a different location, away from the restricted area at the Cleveland airport, where they're required to remain in their vehicles like everyone else, they decided to disrespect the law, and leave their vehicles to  pray. 1  2 

These clowns should be ticketed, not because they're Muslims, but because they've demonstrated a complete lack of respect for the laws of this nation.   

Other Muslims in America have participated in disrespecting uniforms, side-stepping security guidelines, and refusing general job duties in the name of Islam:  

Wisconsin : Cynthia Rhouni: Hijab

Hijab for police officer. 

Tennesee: Ibrahim Barzinji: Muslim refuses to haul beer, sues former employer. 

Somalis walk off the job over prayer dispute 

From this column, Ibrahim Hooper from CAIR: "Muslims are required by their faith to pray five times a day. Most of the prayer times are flexible, but the sunset prayers must be said at dusk". "The prayers themselves take only a few minutes." 

Actually, as I've stated several times, I know a few Muslims, and they'll be the first to admit that their prayers take more than only a few minutes.  

Bottom line: Certain Muslims in the United States believe that the laws of Islam, and what they claim are laws of Islam take precedence over American law, and company rules and regulations, and they demonstrate no concern over who it inconveniences. This is a lack of common consideration for a host nation, its way of life, and its daily operations. 

In America : Muslim criminals and Muslim lawsuit mongers have reared their ugly heads. For such a small community, they certainly generate an abundance of problems, further demonstrating that unless change occurs, on their behalf, not ours, these problems are going to continue.
Muslim population: http://www.danielpipes.org/article/76

Perhaps it would be a reasonable strategy American employers to better review their potential new hires. Perhaps it would also be a reasonable strategy for Judges and Attorneys in this country to obtain a better grasp on matters that they are either defending, or making decisions on, as it is apparent that lawsuits being filed by some of these Muslims should be more carefully examined, because they are wasting American taxpayers money with this ridiculous, defiant behavior.  







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