Leaving Islam



 Busted! The not-so “Grand Illusion”

 D.C. Watson

·         “Hate crime, hate crime, hate crime.”  

·         “Call the FBI again, call on them to investigate this hate crime.”  

·         “Alert the media again, tell them of the “Islamophobes” threatening Muslims with this hate speech again.”   

·         “Quickly, call the State Department again and schedule another meeting about Islamophobia. If they ask why again, tell them it is about hate crimes against Islam, again.”   

·         “File another lawsuit, this is a hate crime. This is incitement to violence against Islam and an attack against Muslims.”  

·         “Put this on the website in the “Incitement Watch” section, it is another Islamophobic hate speech.”


Yes, the all too familiar words and actions of a few Muslim advocacy groups operating in the United States . 

Make no mistake; the information to follow certainly falls under the category of hate speech, beyond a shadow of a doubt. However, the hate isn’t coming from Americans or Westerners, it’s coming from the minds and straight off of the fingertips of Muslims. Or at the very least, Muslim apologists. While Islamic organizations continue with their crying and whining for the protection of Muslims from so-called “Islamophobia” here in the “Great Satan”, there are those who have figured out a way to sign on at a computer terminal, have allowed their emotions to get the best of them, and in turn have let their true feelings for non-Muslims to be exposed.     

With the permission of the Faith Freedom International website, e-mails sent to FFI, submitted by those who reveal that they are anything but peaceful, tolerant, and non-violent, have been reviewed and brought to you in this column.     

This information will help to serve notice to Americans, including American Government officials (who are seemingly blind to this situation), everyone living in free societies around the world, and to the decent people in the Muslim community, that there are those claiming to practice the Islamic faith, supposedly religious people who, with their own comments have earned their place in the spotlight.  


Disclaimer: The following data contains profanity, threats of physical violence, atrocious grammar, and a blatant refusal to use “spell check.” Reader discretion is advised.  (Note: for the purpose of preserving authenticity, spelling in the commentary below has not been altered. Comments in their entirety can be viewed here:          http://www.faithfreedom.org/comments/MComments.htm 

*****After reading, please feel free to forward this information to Muslim groups in America . Ask them if they will publicly condemn these e-mails.*****   

·         “ALLAH (SWA) will give you what you deserve in the afterlife and I will watch and smile, while you burn in hell”.... 

·         “Hey peice of shit....(have the balls, post this letter on your website) My advise to good-for-nothing vagabonds like you around, "plan the way this swine has planned, go and get hold of a major religion which you don't practise, built a website (cowardly) and start abusing right left with notions illogical and out of context. Further, "tell that you are a chicken fearing for your life and there are Muslims out there to get you and that's the reason you are hiding like a rat." Don't chicken,

     Post this on your website you mother fucker”... 

·         “Ali, or shall i say u mad bastard?”  

·        “1st of all Ali is a muslim name so y use this name. If i met u somewhere out on the street i would love to cut your throat, u dirty bastard. I pray that u rot in hell and u will rot in hell. dont ever call my prophet a peodophile. u scum. when u read this mail of mine i hope have a heart attack and u go cabbage. u dirty son of a bitch”.  

·         “you son of a bitch! u will be burnt in hell forever. u committed blasphemy. curse on your birth. If I see u I will cut u in million pieces, u bastard, bullshit. May God destroy u soon at my hands”.  

·         i know you are bloody jew because only jews are scared from the growth of islam”. 

·         well.... instead of writting sumthing against islam & MUHAMMAD (PBUH) u should better see wats in your fucking religeons BASTERD... hinduism is based on cast system (which is totaly inhuman) chritianity is entirely based on the stupid idea that some normal human being was the son of the GOD ...and so is every other religeon!!!... just think about what will happen to u when u will die SON OF A BITCH!” 

·         “The pictures you put on your website are some of them of Ashura, and i read your comments about it. You wrote bad comments about it. You better delete them, if i findout who you are, i'll fuck you, peace of shiet! You better not say anything about my Imam Ali , and never say a bad thing about day of Ashura. Tear you apart!”

·        “Dear Ali Sina,  

    “Your materials over the faithfreedom.org, is very very offensive”.  

·        “You have proofed that your a true kafir who will end up in hell.........deep in hell. Your mind have been poised by satan...I taking my chances to track you down......the moment i see you .....you are a one dead meat, thats for true. Go to hell”

Last but not least:  

·        Helo, Did u see the video of the american that was beheaded in Iraq ?? Thats what gonna happen to you when i and my friends are gonna catch u. We are currently working on finding information about you, one of my friends is a computer genius. I have gathered muslims all over the world to dispatch any of them to your location. Once u have been beheaded we will use your head to play soccer and your body will be cut into pieces and fed to the dogs. Shut down this website, then we shall not kill you.I give you 1 month to think about it. Make your decision wisely”. 

Unfortunate, yet educational. By all means, keep these e-mails coming. They serve as evidence, and lend support to many points.   

Apparently, these individuals, instead of working on improving the image of Islam, not to mention their spelling and grammar, have disgraced their faith, and clearly wish to inflict harm on those who have spoken out against Islam. Many of them live among us. American brothers and sisters, have your collective eyes been opened yet?  








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