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An Open Letter to CAIR

By D.C. Watson

Dear Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR): Asalaam-Alaikum. You know, for a decade now, it seems you’ve strived for respect and publicity on the American front. Many articles have been published about your organization, most in an unflattering format. The columns written about you have provided factual data about your activities, statements you’ve made, including your criticism of not only Americans exercising their right to free speech, but also your criticism of American governmental policies. For this, your organization falls under scrutiny all across the United States

Meetings with the American government that you’ve regularly criticized have been called, not to address strategies to improve relations with the American people, but to address your concerns that so many Americans have negative views of Islam. Instead of working to integrate and coexist, it appears that you’ve taken the back door approach with the State Department in hopes of stifling the right to free speech in America , our first amendment.  

While your organization’s name includes the word “relations”, one would be hard pressed to identify your efforts to improve relations with the American public. Since the Cornell University poll was recently conducted and published, which revealed that 44% of Americans would limit Muslim civil rights, rather than actually exerting efforts to improve this figure and gain the trust of the American public, you’ve once again called on the American government to resolve the “nagging issue” of “Islamophobia”. Although you’re considered by some to be a speaking body for Islam and Muslims in America , know that there are many in the Muslim community who either don’t know who you are, or they have nothing to do with you.  



Why the government entertains your organization is anyone’s guess. Perhaps simply keeping friends close, and enemies closer could be a logical explanation. Otherwise, at least part of the friction between Muslims and the American public can be blamed on your name-calling, insults, and intimidation tactics. Sure, America has its share of easy-going, kindhearted people, and that’s a wonderful part of our culture. America also has more than its fair share of heavy hitters that are not intimidated and not willing to play the Dhimmi under any circumstances.  

Taqiyya and kitman shouldn’t be attempted in an effort to label this column a hate speech, or “Islamophobia”, because the majority of decent Muslims are not what this column is all about.  

This column points to you, a few Muslim “guest speakers” on college campuses, Imams in the American Sunni and Shiite Mosques, and Islamic educators in the Madrasses, funded from abroad, who preach the radical Wahhabi version of Islam, hate for Americans, Jews, Christians and Western culture while standing on American soil.  

Some of our University and college campuses have opened their arms to radical Islamists, and have allowed them to speak at their rallies and other events. In some of these instances, they have attempted to spark a revolution against the United States , assisted by safe, tucked away radical college professors who seem to believe everything is America ’s fault. They don’t realize what they’re partnering up with, but tens of millions of us do. Like radical Islamists, they are a danger to our society. Their seditious tendencies should be closely monitored, and dealt with appropriately.   


Although members of your organization have made very clear their defense for arrested and convicted terror suspects, as well as intentions for an Islamic America, in public, and on record, you call on the government, television networks, radio stations, and news publications to refrain from publishing or airing statements or programs that are negative of Islam, or call for the firing of employees that make such statements.  








Just days ago, a Muslim speaker named Amir-Abdel Malik-Ali, announced as “a specialist in international politics”, gave a speech at the University of California at Irvine and offered the following commentary while standing on American soil: 

“And we have to sacrifice too, while we live here, in Am-ri-ka. The belly of the beast. The number one imperialist in the world. But, let’s call it a state, ok? And then you go get some Uncle Tom Palestinian leaders to fall for this okey-doke. Two state solution is off the table. No. One state. And check this out! One state majority rules. Us, the Muslims.”  

Hatem Bazian, University of California at Berkeley Lecturer in Islamic studies, delivered his April 2004 call for uprising against the United States . Again, on American soil: http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/2004_05.php 

Time was taken to peruse the CAIR website, which lists an abundance of articles, but searching for any condemnation from you regarding the statements made by Ward Churchill, Hatem Bazian, or Amir-Abdel Malik-Ali came up empty. The archived columns were saved and looked through again, but turned up no condemnation of these men and their comments against America . Perhaps you just didn’t have enough information to comment on this matter, like with the issue in Sudan .   

Yet, you certainly had the time to research the comments made by one of our decorated American war heroes, did you not? You even made time to speak to the press about him, correct?

United States Marine Corps Lt. General James Mattis, who led troops in Iraq and Afghanistan , made statements that apparently offended fragile feelings:

Of course, this officer, who has obviously been fighting, and defeating Muslim terrorists near the threshold of hell, is a true American patriot, and has certainly fought to preserve his, and all of our right to free speech. 

Yet, in textbook fashion, you demonstrated no hesitation in condemning the Lt. General’s comments, going as far as calling on the Pentagon to discipline him. Forget that this man has won the Bronze Star, he offended a Muslim group, who now seek to jeopardize his career. (Mr. Awad from CAIR): “We do not need generals who treat the grim business of war as a sporting event," these disturbing remarks are indicative of an apparent indifference to the value of human life." 




Actually, Mr. Awad, what we don’t need, or want is you, or your organization telling us what we need or don’t need. In review, the Taliban in Afghanistan committed crimes against humanity for years until the U.S. removed them from power, including hangings from light posts and cranes, throat slashings, shooting and beating women, burning entire families alive, and many other horrific acts, which can be viewed at the provided links: 



If you have a problem with how the Taliban was dealt with how they are spoken of, what does this say about you? Better yet, instead of criticizing an American who has risked his life so that you can live here in freedom and make your remarks, why don’t you and your friends put on the uniform, and go to the Middle East, to fight Muslim terrorists and terror sponsoring states?   

Your comments, whether intentionally or unintentionally, have provided some insight as to where your allegiances lie, and it is disgraceful, especially since you live here. Incidentally, there are no plans to discipline Lt. General Mattis.   

In review, it seems that your organization also has issues with the Guantanamo inmates, who as a reminder to you, were picked up on the battlefield fighting for the Taliban and al Queda against American forces. Not in uniform mind you, but trying to kill Americans just the same. Since you live in freedom in America , why are you so concerned with their detention? Although your group didn’t write these columns, you certainly haven’t backed away from posting them on your website. 

One column titled “I entered the hellish world of Gitmo” can be viewed at the following link. Apparently the writer didn’t realize that Camp X-ray is a prison, not a resort.  


In the meantime, since you and the aforementioned speakers have stood on American ground, insulting this nation, its citizens, and its culture, badgering and disrespecting my fellow Americans, as well as America’s War against terrorists, is it a fair assumption that the time has come for a public forum face-off so your tactics can be addressed properly? May we please come to an agreement to finally go head to head, three or four to a side, once and for all, in front of the nation?  

Forget about the frivolous lawsuits. Forget about running to the State Department. Let’s just settle this. Attack dog tactics have failed to intimidate everyone. You have my promise of no unprovoked violence. I’m not a Middle East scholar, or an expert on Islam, so soundly defeating me should be easy, right? The question is, are you game?

Simply send an E-mail to the following website directors so that we can iron out the scheduling and availability details.   

[email protected]

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