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The Death Threat Club

Cinnamon Stillwell has arrived. Congratulations! Her first death threat. Allah be praised. My fellow 911 neocon, noted columnist (in the fringiest of the rabid left wing wards - San Fran) and that which I admire most in an individual - truth teller, is fighting the great fight and putting herself in harm's way because of it.

Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 03:23:26 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Horrifying Death

Hello Ms Cinnamon,

How dare you write against Supreme Being Allah_The One Absolute Truth Beyond Spacetime???

We, soldiers of Allah will rape you feminists and then disbowel you and cut your boobs. Then post digital videoclips of the events on our brothers' websites www.kavkazcenter.com , aljazeera.net and other Islamic sites.

We will massacre you by giving you most horrifying death beyond your mental capacity to imagine.It'll be such painful that you will cry and laugh at your pathetic conditions.

Don't think Islam is just another religion. Islam is a SuperSystem that'll dominate 21st and beyond. It's the future of Mankind that guarantees Total Peace in outer and inner worlds by establishing a Global Islamic Caliphate Empire dominating every continents on Earth and other planets in the near future.

So just shut up; marry a true Muslim man and be his faithful wife by giving birth to powerfuyl sons who will become future soldiers of Allah. That'll guarantee a great future to your sons as they will become the Predators and Dominators not a prey=another white christian slave.

Yours trully
A Muslim wellwisher and warner
FireEagle_A weapon of Allah

Now go back and read it again. The enemy is savage. They say what they mean and  mean what they say. We need every American on the front line of freedom to send these cockroaches back under the rock they crawled out from. That or we have to kill every one of them, as they mean to do to us if we refuse to submit to dhimmitude and live in Dar al-Islam.

Cinnamon Stillwell ;

"Meanwhile, the real radical women in the world go largely unremarked by the feminist movement. Today's true heroines are those who do battle with the gender apartheid, violence and oppression practiced against women in the Muslim world."

amen baby amen







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