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Thoughts for Bangladeshi Islamists and their Followers  

By Bishnu Dey

Lately, I am seeing the trend that a great number of Bangladeshis are becoming rabidly anti-Hindu and anti-Indian.  Given that there is little interaction between these two nations either good or bad, what is the factor that is driving the Bangladeshi Muslims to be so hateful?  I know large numbers of Bangladeshis come to Kolkata for medical treatment, and also for general tourism purposes and most of them return home with pleasant memories.  Kolkata is a liberal city, and people are not discriminated against on the basis of religion.  In fact, West Bengal has a stellar record - at least in the past 30 or so years, Muslims have not been attacked or abused in any manner.  Given that West Bengal also has the second largest Muslim population among all the States in India and most of them will concede that they live in harmony with their Hindu neighbors.  Kolkata is also the city with the largest concentration of ethnically cleansed Hindus from Bangladesh .   

Isn’t it thought provoking that all the 30 or so millions of displaced Hindus from Bangladesh/East Pakistan now live in West Bengal and they harbor no hatred or ill will against the Muslims even when many of their co-religionists across the border destroyed their lives, drove them out of their homes and raped their daughters and wives?  On the other hand, the relatively large segment of Bangladeshi Muslim population which largely benefited from the spoils left over from the Hindu Khetao (elimination) movement, are so viciously anti Hindu and anti Indian.  This is even more remarkable given that India sacrificed a lot in assisting Bangladesh acquire its independence.   I conclude from this that a large segment of the Bangladeshi population is falling prey to the Islamists and their propaganda.  Now, there is a difference in being a Muslim and an Islamist.  It would not be presumptuous to make this distinction that while there might be a billion plus Muslims in the world, yet the Islamist accolade is only deserved by the most “learned” among them, who have been able to miraculously develop a 7th century Arabian Bedouin mindset living in the 21st century world. 

This is why when Islamist bigots unload their filth in forums and spew their venom, it is difficult to remain silent and not protest.  Recently there was a piece written by an Islamist who identified himself as an atheist,  had the audacity to call the Hindus cowards because they left their land of birth and migrated to India, to save the modesty of their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters from the attacks of the Islamist goons.  Also we need to ponder what makes the 150 Million Bangladeshis to remain mum and just casually ignore the horrible crimes day after day, month after month and year after year.  Isn’t there an element of hypocrisy when large segments of the same Bangladeshi population clamor to be known for their “tolerance” and their “secularism”?  Who will give an answer to this?  

These same Bangladeshis are not only vocal against the USA and the western democracies, but are actively participating in every conceivable manner to systematically misinform the average people into believing that the people in the west are lacking in family values, to the extent that entire societies are perverted.  This propaganda is so intense now that a large segment of the Bangladeshi Muslims have accepted that as a truth and have fallen in line with the overall direction set by the Islamists spearheaded by the Jamati Islamists and segments of the BNP.


Whether one likes or not, the USA is the only super power today.  It achieved that status by not chanting the vicious hate-filled Jihadi suras, but through hard work and perseverance of the people.  If one does not know, let it be told that this country is what it is because the ordinary Americans are not only hard-working, but they are honest and they follow the rule of law.  These are the attributes lacking in most non-western countries, and countries like Bangladesh which ranks above all others in corruption.  One the one hand, they pretend to be pious Mosque going people, while at the same time indulging in the worst form of deception and corrupt practices.  Unfortunately, this culture is equally pervasive in all the Muslim countries and among Muslims all over the world in general. 


I need to make a statement here before I go any further and exempt my personal friends who were born into Muslim families, but have been able to dissociate themselves from the inherently violent teachings of the Koran against people of other faiths and denominations.  I also believe that there are many honest and hard working Muslim believers who live by the rule of law, i.e. the law of the civility and follow the policy of live and let live; but increasingly more and more Muslims are falling into the Islamist trap and becoming victims of their hatred and rage.  I would sincerely like to believe that most Muslims are not infected with this virus of hatred, but some lingering doubt tells me that there is some inherently mysterious elements that is built within the Islamic mindset that makes many believe that somehow they are Allah’s chosen children, and only they deserve to enjoy all the gifts of this earth, the rest of us are all “hallable”.


The other characteristic widely seen in among the Muslims is the insatiable desire for land.  I do not understand why it is that Muslims when in any considerable concentration always demand that the entire domain become theirs.  It is first through coercion that they try to drive away the people who don’t belong to the Muslim clan, failing that, they engage in what we know as holy jihad, as prescribed in their holy book.


A glance into history will give us numerous examples in support of my observation.  First, Mr. Mohammed and his clansmen overran the Jewish settlements surrounding Mecca and Medina , then after that the brutal invasive gene pool continued to affect the rest of the mankind through often brutal and barbaric blood thirsty lust.  They never spared anything that crossed their paths, and history is replete with untold chapters of Islamic barbarism, which spread from as far as Spain in the west, to the Philippines in the east. 


The success of the Muslim conquerors was mainly attributable to the ability of their warriors to unleash violence of the dimensions unknown to most human beings in those times.  Only Chengis Khan could match the violence level displayed by the Muslims, and not surprisingly was able to create an empire extending from Mongolia to Eurasia .  Islam induced violence as a psychological tool was a novelty in the era, and no other society was prepared to handle this scourge, because violence sanctioned by religion was an unknown factor to the rest of the humanity.  It is only after the invention of the gun that the psychological superiority of using sword as a tool to spread Allah’s message, came to a stop.  As more societies learned the use of explosives and gunnery, they became adept in self defense, and slowly violence was met with opposing violence, abruptly halting the progress of Islamic invaders.  Since then, all or most of the land captured by Islamist forces have either been reclaimed by the original owners as in Spain , in other parts of Europe, and India .


The current Jihad unleashed by the Muslims is an effort to revert to their glory days.  Unfortunately, the Muslims of today are not brave as their predecessors, nor are they smart.  The centuries of inbreeding and indoctrination by the illiterate Mullahs made most of the Muslims ignorant and unprepared for meeting the challenges of modern society.  The Muslims who have been able to break out from the shroud of Islamic darkness are the ones who have some of the necessary ingredients to survive the challenges of this era. 


Unfortunately, very large segments of the Muslim society continue to believe that the great Allah will intervene and give them back their glory days when they will be the rulers of the world.  This inherent desire in the hearts and souls of most Muslims appear to be caused by the illness that is spread by the virus named “Islam”.  Afflicted by this dreaded disease, the average Muslim heavy with the high dose of “Umma-ism” can see nothing else but atrocity upon them all over the world.  Not for once do the Muslims or their leaders introspect on what is the cause of the lack of progress and development of Islamic societies all over the world. 


Barring a few Arab states with oil wealth, Turkey and Malaysia to some extent, no other Muslim country has little to boast of with respect to quality of life aspects.  It might be pointed out that even a country like Iran which has vast oil resources can hardly claim to have a respectable society, given the fact that Islamic indoctrinated Mullahs run the country and has admirably transformed a thriving nation under the Shah regime into a middle age Mullatantra.


It is rather ironic that these same die hard Islamic adherents are the ones who do everything to first find shelter in the western countries, and waste no time in importing the misery back upon them by re-embracing the very elements that gave them nothing but pain and suffering of Islam induced tyranny.  Given the social environment of human rights, tolerance and secularism, this new brand of pests soon enough infiltrate into the host’s systems and create conditions uncomfortable for most of them.  Being civilized and tolerant, they (the host population) accept most of the demands first as minor irritants, only through such circumstances as was exemplified by the destruction of the WTC on 9/11, and recently in Madrid .  People of no other religious or social denomination display hatred of this dimension against their hosts, which I am afraid, originate from the only source of Muslim spiritualism, their holy “kitab”.


The Arab-Israel conflict is an extension of the desire for Islamic hegemony by the Muslims.  Despite strenuous objections by the Arabs, the land of Israel was returned to the rightful claimants, the Jews.  It is an irreversible reality and unfortunately, the Arabs are unwilling to accept this reality.  Yes, as a result some Palestinians had to give up the rights to the land that they considered to be theirs.  Demographic realignment of this nature has other precedents and the formation of Pakistan is a prime example.  Hundreds of millions of Hindus were displaced from their land, and they started their new lives with nothing but hope and desire to start over.  All of them bear nostalgic memories of their land of birth, but few begrudge their ill fate.  They accepted the reality and moved along with their lives.  The same is not true of the paltry Palestinians.  Most of them clung to their die hard faith and even more vengeful dream of evicting the Jews from Israel and reoccupying their homeland.  One can argue that given the vast expanses of the Arab world most of the Palestinians could have easily been integrated in any Arab land of their choice, especially when the land to population ratio is comparably large.  Neither the Palestinians nor their fellow Arabs embraced one another, despite their common ethnicity, religion and their “Umma” centric faith in the brotherhood of Muslims. 


It may be pointed here that not one single Arab land barring Jordan showed any sympathy towards their Palestinian brothers, and for all practical purpose shunned them.  Even in Jordan , King Hussain ordered the slaughter of thousands of Palestinians, I believe in 1968.  The story is same following the return of the emir of Kuwait after the victory by the US lead coalition force in 1991, when thousands of Palestinians were killed, and all of them driven away from the land.  It is ironic that the Palestinians were probably the most secular among the Arabs, and were also the most educated and successful people.  They throve in banking, trade and in technological fields where fewer Arab Muslims succeeded.  It is only up to speculation as to why the neo rich Arab states in the 70’s accepted tens of millions of non-Muslim immigrants from all the countries of Asia , yet was reluctant to accept their own Palestinian brethrens.  Is there some secret regarding the Palestinians that we are unaware of, or were the Palestinians victims of their secularism and their own successes?


Getting back to the thought, it was Egypt , Jordan and Syria which attacked Israel in 1967.  Despite early successes, the Arabs eventually had to bite the dust and lose their face following their humiliating defeat.  Defeat came with a price, the loss of valuable real estate, which is so endearing to each Muslim soul.  It becomes much more painful when the Kuffir Jews are the victors and the faithful believers the vanquished!  The great Allah, who once saved the believers by sending a flock of stone-throwing ravens, this time around sided with the hated Jews.  Ironic how such a small population of 3 or so million Jews could destroy the Allah invigorated Islamic Jihadis 15 times more numerous than them!  The “wise” Anwar Sadat quickly understood his predecessor, Nasser’s folly and offered the olive leave to Menachim Begin’s and regain the lost land of Sinai Peninsula .  Syria and its dictator Assad pleaded, begged, threatened to regain control over Golan Heights , but never succeeded.  Gaza strip is Palestine territory, but is under Israeli control.  My free-thinking soul says that Israel ought to return the captured land to the Palestinians.  At the same time it is understandable why the Israelis are apprehensive of the violence prone Islamic population which surrounds them from all sides.  Die hard Islamists should accept the fact that they cannot regain the lost land by acts of violence, and the only way they can succeed in getting some of their land and respectability back is through dialogue. 


Israel today is a mighty military power, and the Arabs are a rag-tag bunch of losers.  The money they earned from oil wealth they squandered through massive corruption of their leaders and politicians, who plundered as much as they could and invested most of it in real estate ventures in western countries apart from secret Swiss bank accounts.  Arabian states are dysfunctional and in most cases failed states.  Their leaders intoxicated the masses with massive dose of Islamic opium, constantly bickering with one another over petty issues.  In the vast landscape of Arab world, Saddam Hussain, Hafiz Assad, King Hussain, Moamar Gaddafi, King Abdallah, Hosni Mobarak, Yasser Arafat are the leaders!  Given this galaxy of such “stalwarts” that lead the Arab masses, is it surprising that the results of their collective (mis)rule culminate in the evolution of dysfunctional societies, whose only salvation is jihad? 


The million dollar question is why so many Bangladeshis still care for the Arabs and their culture, especially in lieu of the culture they are a part of, which as a Bengali I think is light years ahead of what the 7th. Century Bedouins have to offer?  What is it that makes them look up to the Arabs, and turn away from the teachings and the contributions of shining Bengali stalwarts like Ishar Chandra Vidyasagar, Bankim Chatterjee, Raja Ram Mohon Roy, Sarat Chandra Chatterjee, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Vivekananda, Paramahangsha Dev, Rishi Arobindo, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray, Jagadish Bose, Meghnad Saha, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Rabindra Nath Thakur et. al. just to name a few?    

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