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Islamic “Thinkers”

By Bill Peterson

After stumbling upon a website operated by a group called Islamic Thinkers Society, I could not get over the notion that, with their name, they have coined the Mother of All Oxymorons. How could anyone that has signed on to kill himself and others to please the imaginary friend of a seventh century psychopath have the audacity to call himself a “thinker”? On the contrary, he has demonstrated a willingness to be a mindless robot that spreads destruction in order to promote the cause of not thinking. To wit, Allah despises free thinking so much that extermination is promised to the conscience that dares to entertain a unique thought. How else could a “religion” keep so many brainwashed zombies in line if not for the ever-present death threat that is the beautiful Quran? Not only do the words “Islamic” and “Thinker” not belong together, they are even mutually exclusive – for the rare Muslim that is brazen enough to think for himself has arrived at a fork in the road whose two possible outcomes, death and apostasy, both involve leaving Islam.  

Judging by the photos on the Islamic Thinkers website, these intellectual powerhouses appear to enjoy burning American and Danish flags after a long day of pondering the good deeds of the Prophet. After all, if the object of your worship was a pedophile and master liar, as a true “thinker” I suppose that your first instinct should be to denigrate any symbol of freedom - even if that symbol represented the tolerance that allowed you to spew the most distilled brand of hatred the world has ever known.  

For us infidels that are still allowed to think and speak freely, Muslim activities over the past few years have given us plenty to think about. I truly wish there were some actual Islamic thinkers out there to engage in rational debate, but we have all seen it 100 times before – the minute the going gets tough, the arrogant Muslim puppet resorts to branding you an infidel and/or threatening violence. The most enlightening example of this phenomenon that I have ever seen was the recent al-Jazeera broadcast of Dr. Wafa Sultan verbally lacerating two pathetic mega-mullahs. As she was relentlessly pummeling these hapless clowns into oblivion, all these great thinkers could do is throw up their arms, nervously scribble notes, and dismiss her as a heretic. The lesson here is obvious – when you strip away Islam’s mask of intimidation and deception, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THERE. This lesson was on display for the whole world to see, but will anything be learned from it? Hope springs eternal.  

A secondary lesson is that it is impossible to bring shame upon a rabid animal that has been programmed to have no soul. Your words, no matter how powerful and seething to a normal human, do not penetrate the blank stare of the lunatic Muslim. It would be easier for you to make your dog to feel guilty about eating the piece of steak you dropped at his feet.  

The good news is that, despite the sickening propaganda and psychological programming of their youths, some Muslims are strong enough to think for themselves. The pages of Faith Freedom International are overflowing with the personal horror stories of these apostates. But as for having dialogue with a “thinker” whose feeble mind is still frozen in the death-grip of the Quran, I’m afraid it’s just not going to happen. Thus, in lieu of engaging an actual believer, allow this kaffir to share a few random musings:  

o        Is the phrase “The Religion of Peace” the most blatant form of al-Taqiyya ever conceived, or could it be that a spelling error is responsible for a misunderstanding of colossal proportions? In order to remedy this situation, we shall heretofore refer to Islam as “The Religion of Pieces” to represent the physical remains of the people, churches, synagogues, religious statues, cars, trucks, etc. that have stood in the path of Hurricane Allah.  

o        What is the waiting period between conversion to Islam and entitlement to full benefits at the afterlife shindig? I suspect that the inventory of virgins is getting a bit thin as a result of the recent spate of martyrdom operations, but if I’m sitting on a airplane and hear an outbreak of “allahu akbar”, I’m gonna want to get my fair share of the action once we arrive in paradise! (it’s 72 right?)  

o        How much overwhelming evidence will it take before the pathetic, sorry-ass western liberals finally admit that Islam equals evil? I don’t know about you, but I’m not betting this will happen anytime soon because the depth of naivete on the left is apparently unfathomable. This other group of great thinkers would commit assisted suicide on a global scale rather than admit they were wrong on their assessment of the poor, disadvantaged, misunderstood “freedom fighters” of Islam. In this regard, they are arguably a bigger immediate threat than Islam itself, and they absolutely cannot be trusted to make leadership decisions in this era. Think about it – Project Eurabia is nearly complete and the European liberals are just barely showing signs of waking up (I repeat BARELY).  

Yes indeed, the Religion of Pieces gives one much to think about. There is enough gore, blood, destruction, and nightmares to last everyone in this world a lifetime. If you need more evidence of what we’re in for, log on to Islamicthinkers.com and watch the video of their street “protest”. But don’t blame me if you end up putting your fist through the monitor screen.








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