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The political cartoons in Denmark gave the Islamic leaders the catalyst they had been waiting for but careful plans had to be made. Even though the cartoons were now five months old, Imam Laban took them to Saudi Arabia where the global plans for the “spontaneous” riots were laid out. Orders then went down the chain of command to the mosques to show the cartoons and instruct the followers to take to the streets demanding that Islam be given respect. The Islamic leaders knew that the riots would have to be prolonged and if the riots became violent all the better. Violence breeds fear. 

Embassies were burned and looted. Ambassadors and citizens from many nations were told to leave the area and return home. Flags were burned and bounties placed on the heads of the men who dared blaspheme Islam. 

At first, most countries held fast to their long-standing belief in freedom of speech, so the riots continued. People died in the frenzy but the Islamic leaders didn’t care. What is the life of some lowly Muslim to them? If this were a chess game, those in the streets would be the pawns. They can’t do much for Islam but riot, kill, and die. That is their purpose. There are hundreds of millions of them and they are all expendable.

So what has this foray into politics won for Islam? It has gotten Islam plenty.

Australia has passed a law making it an offense to “blaspheme” Islam. Any person convicted must pay a fine and apologize to Muslims everywhere. Daniel Scot has already been arrested under the new law and is forcing what he considers to be a violation of his rights to the highest court in the land. 

In Norway, Muslims have discovered a long-unused “blasphemy” law and intend on using it to charge anyone with blasphemy who dares speak ill of Islam. Everyone must realize that to even question the superiority of Islam over all other religions will be considered blasphemy. The Norwegian courts will soon be overwhelmed.

Newspapers have been tripping over themselves to apologize for even considering running the cartoons and a former American president has more or less sided with Islam. This same president, Bill Clinton, had no comments about the times when anti-Christian “art” and cartoons filled the editorial pages of American papers. No mention was made of the filthy cartoons depicting Jews as pigs and monkeys that run frequently in Islamic papers, or the Islamic children’s cartoons glorifying suicide bombers. There was, however, a weak statement that all religions should be respected by everyone. It is unlikely that the “all religions deserve respect” statement will be repeated to the Islamic masses.

A former American vice president took a large sum of money to stand before a crowd of Muslims in Saudi Arabia to degrade and badmouth his own country. 

While condemning violence, the United Nations has chastised those that printed the cartoons while remaining silent on the sins and butchery of Islam.

Knowing that violence would not be tolerated in America does not mean that we escaped the wrath of Islam. An Islamic group in New York City called the “Islamic Thinker’s Society” took to the streets to warn Americans: “We are here to tell you that there is nothing you can do—and that your days are numbered...all of you who disbelieve: speak good, or Allah will silence you.”

All around the world, Muslims burn the American flags during riots over cartoons that were published in Denmark. This is not a mistake. It is ordered by the leaders of Islam. After all, tiny Denmark is no threat to Islam— but America is. 

The Islamic government’s message was received loud and clear. Do not speak badly about Islam. Do not dare to tell the truth about Islam or it will send the expendable pawns out to riot and kill and burn. To further their point, Christian churches are now being burned and innocent Christians, who had nothing to do with any cartoons, have been killed as well. Islam’s message is this: See what we can do when you make us angry? And the world is caving in to Islam’s demands. Most governments will do anything to avoid a confrontation with Islam and the restless and angry Muslims now living in their countries. It is the world’s fear of confrontation that gives the Islamists the courage to reveal themselves.

In all likelihood, the well-laid plan has given the Islamic government more than it had hoped for. Perhaps it believed the West would be stronger than it actually was. The West, particularly Europe, has no stomach for violence and now Islam knows that well planned riots and staged events produce the long-reaching goals that Islam needs to continue the march toward total world domination. 

After all, the lives of a few pawns are much cheaper than a roadside bomb or even a large attack on America that would only infuriate the only remaining superpower. The tortoise beat the hare, or so the story goes, and Islam is more than happy to be the tortoise. It has been waiting since the death of Mohammed to rule the world. A few more decades means nothing to them.







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