Leaving Islam




 There is a serious side to this tape of bin Laden.  The threat has been issued that plans are underway to attack the American homeland once again.  There should be no doubt that al Qaeda terror cells are here, in America, waiting for their orders to carry out whatever heinous plot the terrorists have evolved.  Americans have always known that it was just a matter of time before there was another attack.   It is possible that this very tape is that signal.  The problem for Americans, when the attack does happen:  How do we retaliate and against whom? 

     It has been suggested that if another attack takes place, America should immediately destroy Mecca, the most holy place of Islam.  While this might give us satisfaction, it would kill few terrorists and enrage even those Muslims who presently are not at war with us. 

     One option would be to take out the leadership of Syria and Iran immediately and without warning and snarl at Saudi Arabia to clean house now or we will.  Every Islamic country should be given an ultimatum--turn over every member of any terrorist group or join the leaders of Syria and Iran in hell.  The Palestinian problem will be solved, now.  Hamas and Hezbollah will cease to exist along with a lot of Palestinians who refuse to put down their guns and suicide belts.  Lebanon will also remove all terrorists from their midst and turn them over to the American forces or we will send our B-2 bombers to take care of the problem.  If we miss the first time, we will keep coming back until they are gone or dead.

      American leftists would scream about how barbaric something such as this would be but the instant and complete destruction of all those supporting or harboring terrorists is the only way to win this war.  Every country on the face of the planet must realize that to accept known terrorists inside its borders will bring an instant cruise missile attack from the United States.  The Pakistani tribal leaders who are probably protecting bin Laden must realize that each and every village will be leveled until bin Laden and company is found, killed, or turned over to the proper authorities.  If they continue to protect him, they will die with him.

     Never forget that America’s war is with the ideology of Islam, not with Muslims as a whole.  It is Islam and its murderous ways that must be stopped.  Unfortunately, there is no kind or benevolent way to win this war.  War is what it is.  In war, the innocent die.  The innocent are dying right now, all over the world at the hands of Islam.  It must be stopped and it must be stopped in its entirety.  We can strike relentlessly now showing no mercy, or we can attack in a pin-prick manner that will only succeed in killing even more innocent people in the long run.  The choice will be ours because Islamics are quite content with the situation as it is.  Time, as it has always been is on their side.


About the Writer: Barbara J. Stock is a registered nurse who enjoys writing about politics and current events. She has a website at http://www.republicanandproud.com/. Barbara J. receives e-mail at [email protected].







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