Leaving Islam



The myths of Islam.

By Bam  

Muhammad called the era before Islam "Jaheliyah" (the age of ignorance) and those who lived prior to Islam, ignorant and wrong doers.  

Muslims keep parroting these myths mindlessly and truly believe Islam has been a great boon for mankind and especially the Arabs.    

However, a cursory look at the practices of the pre-Islamic Arabs shows that these people were more civilized, had more humanity and conscience than Mohammed and his marauding followers.

These humane Bedouins adopted orphans whom they treated as their own children with rights of inheritance. Mohammed changed that because of his lust for his stepson's wife.

The "pagan" Arabs were also good environmentalists who prohibited the destruction of trees, even those belonging to their warring enemies. Again Islam's destructive prophet changed that - indiscriminately plundering and destroying trees in settlements he raided.

Also in war, pagan Arabs did not usually rape female captives, hence the initial restraint of Mohammed's fellow bandits with regards to married female captives. Islam's "civilized" prophet changed that, nullifying the marriages of these female captives and authorizing their rape (Sahih Muslim 8:3432; Q4:24).

In religion, these pre-Islamic Arabs were tolerant, living and interacting peacefully with Jews, Christians and Sabeans. Mohammed on the other hand waged war, massacred, pillaged and enslaved the non-Muslims. Like the Mafia he extorted "protection tax" from surviving non-Muslims.

Muslims' claim that Islam improved the lot of Arab women is at best dubious. Mohammed's sugar mommy, Khadija was known to be wealthy and influential with properties and a thriving business, decades before Mohammed commenced his wicked mission.

Similarly the Muslim claim that pagan Arabs killed their daughters is spurious. These same Muslims also claim pre-Islamic Arabs married numerous wives but Islam reduced them to four. As Ali Sina pointed out in one of his articles, where did the surplus wives of these pre-Islamic Arabs come from if they murdered daughters?

In essence Islam transformed the relatively easy-going, peace-loving pre-Islamic Arabs to cruel, atrocious, slave drivers called Muslims.

If the pagan pre-Islamic Arabs were half as violent and intolerant as Mohammed and his gang, humanity would have been spared this evil called Islam. This confirms the well known adage that, all it takes for evil to thrive is for good people to do nothing.


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