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Blowing up Civilians in Delhi - Who did it and why?

By B Kisan  


On Saturday evening at around 6pm several bombs blew up around Delhi killing over 60 people and wounding hundreds more.

The first explosion was in Main Bazaar, Pahar Ganj next to a Sabzi Mandi (vegetable market). The bombs were timed for when the market would be most busy with women shopping in the evening. This bomb blast claimed around 15 lives. 

Minutes later in Sarojini Nagar around 40 people were murdered when a bomb blew up at a snack food place. Another bomb blast on a bus killed a few more civilians and luckily another bus was evacuated when a passenger alerted the driver about a suspicious package which exploded once the bus had been emptied. 

Initially no group claimed responsibility however the next day a less well known group calling itself the Islami Inqilabi Mahaz (Islamic Revolutionary Group), has claimed responsibility.  

The many and varied varieties of jihadis have numerous names and subgroups but all share a murderous intolerant ideology that grows out of Islam. Despite all of the experts coming and talking on TV about al-qaeda and jamaa-islamiya etc and about their organisational structures, leadership and following all of these groups merely represent temporary nomenclatures of radical Islam. Radical Islam is the ideology feeding the creation of these groups and their actions. 

The brave humanist from Bangladesh Humayan Azad wrote brilliantly and presciently about this phenomenon before he was attacked and had his throat cut by Islamic assassins. 

In the case of the Delhi bombings the bombers have as their goal terrorising the Indian government into giving up Kashmir to Muslim rule. 

In 1947 India was split in two based on the two-nation theory propagated by Muslim leaders which demanded a separate state where Muslims were a majority. Although Kashmir had a Muslim majority itís Hindu ruler chose to come to India and despite several wars thatís where much of Kashmir remains.   

Hard-line Islamic fundamentalists encouraged and aided by Pakistan 's ISI carried out a terrorist campaign first ethnically hundreds of thousands of Hindu Pundits from the Kashmir Valley . This campaign was successful. Attacks are regularly made on Hindu pilgrims visiting Vaishno Devi one of India ís major religious pilgrimage sites in the Jammu part of the Jammu/Kashmir state which has a Hindu majority.    

In this we can see the Islamic double strategy: where in a minority demand equal rights and pluralism, when in a majority enforce Islam, deny equal rights and in case in areas of majority Muslim population under non-Muslim rule start a violent insurrection (eg. Southern Thailand and Southern Philippines ) ethnically cleansing the people of the minority religion. For example just from the last fortnights news 1) 3 Christian schoolgirls were beheaded in Indonesia 2)A Buddhist temple was attacked and a 76 year old monk had his throat cut.  

At independence in 1947 Pakistan had 10% Hindu population. This now stands at 1.6%. East Pakistan (now Bangladesh ) had 28% and this has been reduced to 10%.  The article linked shows the mechanism for this reduction in minority population very little of which makes it to the mainstream Western media. 

Whilst India became a secular country Pakistan became an Islamic state bringing in blasphemy laws to protect the national ideology of Islam. 

Islam first penetrated into India when Sindh was brutally conquered as part of the Caliphate (at the same time Islamic armies ruthlessly conquered many other parts of the world in offensive jihad). From then on razzias (Islamic terrorist raids) were conducted regularly for almost 1,000 years until the British East India Company and later the British Empire took over the Country. 

This jihad continues in India now and these Delhi blasts are but the latest and certainly not the last of these attacks that will continue as they have gone on since the time Muhammad supposedly received his first revelation from the 600 winged angel Gabriel. 

Many Muslims are seeing the light of reason and leaving Islam and that is the way that these terrorist attacks will finally cease, when the terrorist ideology is no longer attractive and is thoroughly discredited. 

Until then expect more bombings.








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