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Boycotting the Fruit of the Infidel Mind

By Azadi Ruh Alam  

To the Muslims of the world, who have participated in, or endorse by their silence, the protests concerning the cartoons depicting Muhammed bin Abdullah, and who are engaging in the boycott of Danish goods, this is an appeal from the heart:  Please, please demonstrate your rationality and capacity for logical consistency. After all, it is this capacity for rationality, together with the refusal to fall into the inconsistency of a double standard of morality, which separates us humans both from animals, and your average bully, despot, tyrant and psychopath.  

Therefore, all the fruits of the enquiring human mind, (which accepts no authority beyond what can be proven by rational means to be true) should also be boycotted.  So Muslims of the world, unite and boycott western goods invented and developed by the infidel mind -  for example, no more flying in airplanes - try instead to locate that horse with the face of a woman, which you believe, Muhammad bin Abdullah used to visit, his 7th layer of heaven. No more microwaves and gas cookers and air conditioners - use the heat of firewood, and hand held fans - they were good enough for your Prophet, and his Allah in His infinite Wisdom, did not think otherwise. You donít like images of the human form? No more TV, DVDís and whatnots. No more phones and cameras too. Cars, motorbikes, bicycles - why do you use them when your Allahís Prophet got by on camels? Even in emergency situations, when he was battling the infidels of that time, he did not call for a Ferrari car to get him out of trouble, or machine guns to see to the Kaffirs. Newspapers and the internet for the dissemination of facts, ideas, and information and opinion? Well, your Prophet and his God found writing on bones, leaves and bits of parchment good enough. Finally, to the rich Muslim intellectuals and other such elites, donít come to the West for medical treatments using the latest infra scan and pharmaceutical developments - instead, stick to black mustard seeds as recommended for all maladies by your esteemed Prophet.   

In the name not of beneficence or mercy but in the name of the defining characteristic of Homo sapiens, demonstrate your rationality and capacity for logical consistency. 

If you find that you canít live very well without the material fruit of  infidel minds  then please, do not have tantrums and issue threats concerning their moral, spiritual and aesthetic sensibilities either. Instead, that time could be used more wisely, to ponder on why, for centuries, Muslim minds have contributed virtually nothing to Humanityís progress.








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