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A letter from an Israeli woman to Kofi Annan and other leaders who were outraged when a few American kids bared the butts of a few terrorists and photographed them but remained silent when terrorists brutally and cold bloodedly murdered an Israeli mother along with her four little daughters. 

Indeed where is the humanity of these leaders? 

Shame on You All !!

By Angela Bertz

   Esteemed gentleman,

   Yesterday morning a heavily pregnant Israeli woman traveling with her 4
innocent little daughters were murdered by Palestinian gunmen, each one of
them shot dead in cold blood by a bullet through the head.

   What happened gentleman?  not gruesome enough for you to speak out.

   Where were you Mr. Annan?  Never a slow mover when it comes to quoting
your usual  "malignant metaphor" of asking for both sides to end the cycle
of violence, especially if g-d forbid just one demonic stone throwing
Palestinian child in Jenin has been accidentally killed by Israeli soldiers.
This usually brings you racing out of the rotting woodwork of the UN
building faster than 5 Palestinian bullets could kill 4 little Israeli girls
and their pregnant mother.

   Where were you Mr. Patten? Still too busy looking through reports of
Palestinian spending, conveniently finding no sign of monies being diverted
for terrorism, yet never demanding how such a degree of poverty, recently
compared to the Sub Saharan Continent, allowed  2 youths to have guns and
bullets to kill 4 little Israeli girls and their pregnant mother.

   Where were you Mr. Solana.  To o absorbed with your obsession with the
Arabs, trying as usual to give all these tin-pot dictators some hope for a
peaceful future, if only Israel would be more obliging to their demands.

   Where were you Mr. Straw?  You let the killing of the quadriplegic Sheik
Yassin and the blood thirsty Rantisi ruin your Sunday lunch. You were quick
of the mark with your grim expression and dubious comments of "unjustified
and illegal" at this act by Israel, yet remain ominously silent as the
effects of these 2 evil creatures  teachings  reach the innocent heads of 4
little girls and their pregnant mother.

    Not one of you has, or had the moral conscience to come out and condemn
this horrendous and despicable act.  It was carried out by people trained
and heavily brainwashed in barbarism.  The same people that you think
deserve millions of dollars in aid and their own state.

   These 5 people died a senseless and horrendous death.  4 little girls had
to watch their mother callously murdered before these same dehumanized
ghouls turned their bullets onto these petrified and innocent little girls.
Not a single word of horror or condemnation came out of any of your biased
and bigoted mouths.

   One can only imagine what will be written on their death certificates.
One thing is for sure though and that is what will be written on all of

   "Died of Shame caused by irreversible decay of the conscience".

    Angela Bertz - Israel


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