Leaving Islam




The History of Islamic Terror in Iran 

By: Amil Imani  


The aim of this letter is to address the future generation as well as the current Iranian youth. The time to keep silence has passed and the time to speak the truth has begun. As I write this letter to you today, I am perplexed and frightened to think about what it will be like when you are born. My mind is filled with uncertainty for your future. My soul is filled with pain and agony of the unknown. 

Today, Iran is under the occupation of the most savage form of the Islamic butchers. These are the descendants of the same Islamic butchers who conquered Persia 1400 years ago with the sword of Islam. These are the same creatures that plundered and burned Iran and took Iranian women as slaves to the desert of Arabia. Even now the Islamic Republic is selling the Iranian women in Dubai and other Persian Gulf kingdoms. 

We have been witnessing the exact brutalities, savageries and barbarism for the past twenty-six years by the Arab-Islamic fascists upon Iran as our forefathers saw 1400 years ago. There are thousands upon thousands of our countrymen spending their youth in the Arab-Islamic dungeons. People's rights are being violated on a daily basis in the name of the same Islamic barbarism of 1400 years ago. It is ironic how history keeps repeating itself. 

I am telling you this story, partly because it is timely, partly because it is good to know the lessons that history teaches us. Iran did not have to turn out as it did. Truth and provocative ideas ought to be welcomed in our society. Yet, with provocative ideas and opinions one must be ready to embrace death. As we have witnessed, the Islamic zealots do not tolerate opinions contrary to their own. Euripides said many years ago, “A slave is he who cannot speak his thoughts”. 

However, death is the last thing on my mind. Actions are needed to correct the past mistakes and that starts with you. You, the born and unborn, must know what is happening in your country and what has led us to where we are today. You must know this and do everything in your power to save your country and her people. 

So, this is a message to you and to the future generation. We cannot allow the same ruthless Islamic zealots who went on their roofs calling upon an Arab God, “Allah-o Akbar,” to impose an Islamic revolution on our society, to control and interpret our history. Also, we cannot allow the guardians of the status quo to define and control our future. 

You must adhere to the wisdom of Zartushtra, who was a messenger of peace and life, eternal love and wisdom. He was also a messenger of “Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds”. History has shown if only Iranians had adhered to those “three” principles, Iran would have remained eternally prosperous and exalted. 

Let me tell you who and what the Arabs were before turning Islamic and bringing the wrath of their “Allah” upon Iranians and other nations. Before the advent of Islam, the Arabs were idol worshipers.  According to Waqidi, the Arabs had 360 gods for each day of the year and the largest and the main God was called “Allah.” They were pagan, a polytheistic culture. One wonders how could a group of desert dweller nomads, who lacked culture and civilization, possibly attack an old Empire and advance so quickly! 

The Sassanid dynasty, despite being a great and powerful Iranian dynasty had become extremely corrupt and very unstable towards the end. Four centuries of theocratic oppression of different religious groups, suppression of the peasants and lack of tolerance had caught up with the dynasty. The decay and abandonment and growth are part of the circle of evolution and also the birth of enlightenment and blossoms of the truth. The rule of nature dictates to us that anything that does not change with time stagnates and degenerates. 

While the Sassanid dynasty was in a chaotic and frenzied stage, across the desert a new cult was forming and foaming with fever and zealousness. Being deprived most of their lives from earthly pleasures and splendor and for centuries looking toward the Persians and the Romans with certain awe, envy and fear, the Arabs were uniting under the new flag of Islam and marching toward the Persian lands and later the Roman lands. 

King Yazdgird III, with the help of the Commander of Persian forces Rostam Farokhzad, became the last King of the Sassanids. It fell to him to pay for the sins of his forefathers. Before the war broke out with the Arabs, his vanity and overconfidence, as shown by Iranian rulers and nobles time and again, brought disaster to the nation. He was an inexperienced and arrogant ruler. 

Rostam Farokhzad, a very courageous and brilliant Persian commander, foresaw the consequences. Yazdgird, sitting on the throne of the Aryan Empires, thought that the Iranian Army, like the previous Armies was invincible. Farokhzad knew that the time had changed. These were not the same Arabs and his military was not the same military. 

Rostam Farokhzad had realized that these newly motivated Muslims were fearless, as the today's suicide bombers in our era seem to be fearless and do not value human life. He knew that his soldiers were thinking about how to survive a war, yet, the Arab Army, similar to today's Islamic overzealous militants, were embracing death. The Arabs did not fear death because of the promise of a better life after death by “Allah”. He knew he couldn't possibly win this war and the best option was a diplomatic one. 

Nonetheless, the war began and the Arab army under its ruthless commander, Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas approached. The Persian Army was defeated in the decisive “Battle of Qadisiyah.” Rostam Farokhzad, the courageous Iranian general was murdered and Yazdgird’s last attempt to gather forces to counter attack fell short. He wandered around the country for many years and it is told that he was slain in one of the villages in northern Iran. 

Just how decisive was the “Battle of Qadisiyah”? Even though the “Battle of

Nahavand” was the last war of the Arabs with the Persians in which Yazdgird’s Army was completely defeated, the “Battle of Qadisiyah” had already sealed the fate of the Sassanids Empire just as the “Battle of Yarmuk” had sealed the fate of the Byzantine Empire in the West and was the start of a new chapter of the Islamic world and Islamic Iran.

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