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The Cult of Death on the "fringes" of Islam

.by Alexandra L. Westland

It is heartening for David Brooks to admit there is indeed an Islamic cult of death in his OP ED article Cult of Death after last week's Beslan massacre of innocent children, their parents and teachers. However, what is not surprising is that even Brooks claims to believe the cult is on the "fringes of the Muslim world." Already we are seeing the PC media, in this case the NY Times, sanitize the words of the captured, Beslan Islamic terrorist: "By God,[sic] I did not shoot!'' he mumbled when asked if he had fired on fleeing hostages. "By God,[sic] I have not killed!'' 'Asked by the soldiers if he had not had pity on the children he had held for 51 hours without food or water, he pleaded: "Yes, I did have pity![sic] I have children, too.'' '

When what he actually said was this: "Of course I pitied the children, I swear to Allah . I have children myself. I didn't shoot. I swear to Allah ," he said. "I don't want to die. I swear to Allah , I want to live."

News flash to the NY Times et al.: Allah is not God—most certainly not the God of love and mercy, the God who gives life to all creation, the God who most of humanity believes has its best interest in mind. Allah is the god of the Islamic terrorists, the god to whom they pray before murdering innocents. Allah is the god of the war lord Muhammad, the god of the Qur'an. First and foremost, the Qur'an is the Islamic War Manual, as dictated by Muhammad. The War Manual that commands the Islamofascists that they must kill for Allah and subdue the whole world for their Allah and Islam. Some prominent Muslims are finally admitting what we have been too PC or too afraid to admit, for fear of being called "racist" by the Islamic establishment—that most terrorists today are Muslims.

It is time for the world to educate itself about Islam and what it actually teaches by reading the Qur'an and the ahadith. It is time to stop pretending that these murderous quotes are taken out of context. It is time to admit that those Muslims who are so-called "moderates" do not actually follow the teachings of Muhammad and the Qur'an that commands them to subdue the world for their Allah.

"Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that
forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued." 9.29

It is not coincidental that the world sees Islamic terrorists holding up the Qur'an with one hand while cradling their children and weapons in the other. It is not coincidental that Saudi Arabia , the birthplace of Islam, has a scimitar on its flag. Time magazine's article: Struggle For The Soul Of Islam states: ". . .the number of Muslims espousing radical beliefs is growing, according to Western analysts and intelligence agencies. . ."

It is a fallacy to differentiate between "Militant Islam" and "Peaceful Islam."

"There is no such thing as "Militant Islam" because Islam IS militant. While all Muslims are not militant or violent, all Islamic terrorists are Muslims and most terrorists today are Muslims as noted by Abdulrahman al-Rashed, general manager of Al-Arabiya: "Muslims worldwide are the main perpetrators of terrorism, a humiliating and painful truth that must be acknowledged, . . ." 

These islamic terrorists have spread the violent message of fundamental Islam all over the world with virtually daily Islamic terrorist attacks against innocents. The teachings of the Qu'ran, as dictated by Mohammed, are militant no question about it. Regardless of the school of Islam that a Muslim follows he learns the same, immutable, unchangeable Qur'an— a Qur'an that has hundreds of violent, militant passages urging the "true believer" to kill the Jew and the "infidel" (anyone who is not a Muslim). While the initial passages of the Qu'ran were peaceful, in that these were based on the tenets of Judaism and Christianity, the later passages, that supersede the earlier abrogated ones, are most militant and violent against anyone who is not a Muslim. Those are the passages that Islamic terrorists, clerics, leaders and ordinary people alike quote to justify murderous, Islamic jihad against the "unbelievers."

It is an indisputable fact that of 1.2 billion Muslims around the world, most are either illiterate or poorly educated. As such, these Muslims know very little of the actual teachings that are in the Qur'an. While the oft highly educated Islamic terrorists, stemming from the middle class of the ummah, are very much aware of the teachings of the Qur'an and follow these to the letter by committing atrocities against the "infidels" and the Jews as instructed and sanctioned by the Qur'an. The Islamofascist terrorists have not "hijacked" a peaceful religion— not at all, they are in fact following Islam's fundamental teachings to the letter. The Islamic terrorists are indeed practicing "true" Islam just as Mohammed dictated it.

It is time for the world to take off the PC colored glasses and call the cult of death what it is—Islam! It is time for the world to finally believe that this cult wants to kill everyone and anyone who does not submit to Islam or destroy the world if necessary in that endeavor—just as it has attempted to do since the inception of Islam 1400 years ago. Believe it because Muslims prove it everyday by murdering our and even their own children and Muslim brethren. Believe that as polls show, most Muslims support Islamic terror both with their silence and their zakat donations. It must be remembered that it is Muslims —that multitude of the great Islamic ummah, 1.2 billion Muslims strong—who fund Islamic terror. Much of that money is then used to murder innocents around the world—innocents like the children of Beslan. This Islamic death cult is not "thriving on the fringes of the Muslim world"—it is the Muslim world — as mandated by the Qur'an.

How many more innocents have to die before the whole world believes what the death cult of Islam has in mind for all of us?
Westland is a writer who lives in civilization—Dar al Harb (the Islamic land of war)— and wants to keep it that way.








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