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Quo Vadis Ummah?  

By: Abdul Karim

The 21st Century was inaugurated by Islamic terrorists by flinging passenger planes into office towers full of office workers, traders and other civilians. Result: 2800 innocent people died. Ever since then, an orgy of Islamic extremism has seized the entire Islamic world, the Ummah with its 1.2 billion members. A lot has bee written and said about the “peaceful” side of Islam. The biggest lie of all is that Islam means peace. It does not. It means Submission.  

A lot has been said about the mythical Islamic moderates, and that Bin Ladenites are just a deviant creed of Islam. Well, where are these so called Islamic moderates? Where were the condemnations and excommunications of the Jihadists that fight besides Bin Laden to overthrow modern civilisation and impose their 7th Century barbaric ideology on the world? None were seen. Instead, we saw Islamic mass street demonstrations, breaking out spontaneously across the Islamic world, in favour of Bin Ladens atrocity. The good hearted and equalitarian Western people buried this fact deep in their subconscious and went about their business believing the Islamic Apologist canard that Islam means peace and that the Quran condemns this sort of actions.  

Peace of mind cannot be bought at the price of covering up the facts, or interpreting them away. The fact is that Mullah Omar was right about Bin Ladin: Bin Laden is a good Muslim. He did only what his “Holy” Book, the Quran tells him to do: to wage Jihad against the infidel until Allah`s religion rules supreme. Jihad is a commandment on every able-bodied Muslim male. If the world wants to find the roots of the hatred and violence of AL-Qaida and other affiliated Jihadi groupings, there is not substitute but to go to the source of that philosophy. And that source is not some out of the way Jihadi training camp in Afghanistan or Arabia, but in the Quran. While this truth may be unpalatable and politically incorrect, it is nevertheless true. Any person who takes the time and puts in the effort to read through the insanities, incitements and exhortations to Jihad against infidel people is struck by the raw hate and primitive killer mind of the 7th Century self proclaimed prophet who enslaved the Islamic word to an ideology of perpetual war and hatred to all things un-Islamic.  

Dear reader, do not buy into the Islamic Apologist explanations and white washing attempts of the obvious: all Jihadis have one thing and only one thing in common: the Quran and its literal, unchanging call to fight for the Cause of Allah. It is right there under your nose, to be found into any Quran copy you might find. All the Dawah Centres (Islamic missionary centres) function in your midst, capturing into their clutches un-informed and well meaning young people looking for spirituality or to understand what they think is “real” Islam. Well, real Islam is the Taliban form. The more Islamic a country is, the more backward, repressive and poor it is. Civil rights, or popular sovereignty or democracy are all incompatible with Islam. Islam is a politico-religious system of total control of society, where all sovereignty belongs to the imaginary Allah and it is exercised by Islamic clerics. Since the Quran is unquestionably accepted as the infallible and unchanging word of God, there cannot be any reform of the Islamic system. How could it be otherwise, since man is not allowed to interfere with the will of Allah? And which Muslim can presume to correct, adapt or improve the unchanging Laws of Allah?  

The world is sometimes directed to view the greatness of Islamic past, and modern examples of Islamic development. Well, of the 57 Islamic countries which one is a developed country? Which one is a truly democratic country? None of them meets these criteria, despite the Islamic world being endowed with 75% of the world's oil and gas and a fifth of the world’s population. Since the Islamic world is so ethnically, racially and geographically diverse and the only common thing is Islam, shouldn't we blame the religious restrains and social straightjacket it operates under? Shouldn't we look at the Quran on which all its laws and oppressions are based? 

The moderate Muslims or what we mistakenly see as such, tell us that Islamic countries are aggrieved by American, Western and Jewish cabals which keep down the Muslims. That was the diatribe of Dr. Mahathir of Malaysia recently proclaimed amidst rapturous applause by all the delegates and representatives of the 57 Islamic nations. This so called moderate overlooked the simple fact that in most of the Islamic world there are almost no Jews or Westerners or Americans. Mahathir overlooked that social, political and economic oppression in Islamic world is solely the doing of un-elected, undemocratic and repressive Islamic governments. The repression of the poor, the women and the lower classes in the Islamic world is happening at he hands of these “pious” Islamic rulers and that Jews and Westerners are just an easy excuse for their repressive and incompetent administrations. Mahathir forgot, conveniently, that the Islamic world is the least educated and the most undemocratic portion of humanity.  

So what can we the Muslims and ex-Muslims expect in the future? Quo vadis Ummah?  More war for the Cause of Allah, more Jihad, suicide bombings, oppression of the lower classes, more and deepening poverty and isolation from the rest of humanity? More anti-science and obscurantist raving emanating from that ridiculous Quran? Are we the Ummah forever to fall behind for the Cause of Allah and condemned to wage perpetual war on the rest of our human beings? Are Mr. Mahathir and the other “moderates” really any different than Bin Laden, except for the better suit and polished image? Can our Muslim brethren not see that this is leading us to disaster, and continuous poverty and backwardness? Can the rest of the world not see that Islam is locking both Muslims and non-Muslims into a perpetual dance of death and destruction?  

Why not call a spade a spade and see the truth that the problem is right under our noses: a death cult producing despots and perpetual Holy wars masquerading as a religion. The problem is Islam and it is this that must be addressed. Bin Laden and the terrorist Jihadis are a symptom; the disease is Islam. The Muslims must leave this death cult behind and join the rest of humanity. Muslims are just people, it is Islam and the bad, inciting teachings of the Quran which turn good people into Jihadi terrorist monsters. Please support ex-Muslims spread the truth about Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Our struggle is not with Muslims but with the evil ideology of Islam.

Help us free Muslims from Islam, through love and truth.    






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