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If Muhammad was a liar then why he was known as Amin (trusted)

Muslims claim that the Meccans, seeing the honesty of Muhammad had named him Amin (honest).  

This claim is very dishonest. If the Meccans truely believed that Muhammad was an honest man, they would not have rejected him. From the Quran we learn that the Meccans actually called Muhammad a liar, a poet and a mad man. They did not accept him until they were forced to under the pain if death. 

Amin was the title given to all those who took merchandize from the people, sold it on their behalf in other towns and brought back the money. They acted as trustees. One is called school trustee, or city trustee because of his job and not because he is recognized to be honest. The title "Amin" is a label for every sort of profession. Here are some examples:

Amin El-Makataba Trustee of the library
Amin El-Shortaa Police Trustee
Majlass El-Omnaa
(plural of Amin)
counsel of trustees.

In fact  Abul Aas, husband of Zeinab and son-in-law of Muhammad was also known as Amin because he took the goods from people and sold them on their behalf abroad.  He did not accept his father in law's claim to prophethood and finally was forced to, because Muhammad ordered Zeinab to leave him unless he converts.  









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