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The site claims to be faithfreedom but why you only criticize Islam? Shouldn’t the Muslims have the freedom to practice their faith? 

Faith Freedom stands for freedom of and from faith. Islam is definitely against both concepts. There is no such freedom in Islam. Muhammad instructed his followers to wage war and impose Islam (submission) on everyone and subdue others who do not believe in him. So Islam is an anti freedom of faith par excellence and this is even clear from its name.  

Muslims are free to believe in their asinine faith and no one wants to take that right away from them by force. However what they can’t stomach is that others also have the freedom to express their disagreement with their asinine faith.  

What Muslims should not be free to do is to practice a great part of their faith. Pedophilia, or marriage to minors, beating wives, killing the apostates, chopping hands, maiming, flogging, stoning and other savageries that are part of the teachings of Islam should be banned. In other words you should be allowed to believe in Islam but you should not be allowed to practice it. The practice of Islam means barbarity and the civilized world should not allow that.  

There is nothing misleading Faith Freedom. It stands for freedom of and from faith. What is misleading in this? This is the entire theme of the articles posted in this site.

But do we have any freedom of faith in Islam and Islamic countries? Are the Christians allowed to carry the Bible in Saudi Arabia ? Are they allowed to preach their faith in Islamic countries? Are the Muslims allowed to leave Islam?  

The above is only the tip of the iceberg. Muslims are blind to their own flaws and evil deeds. They massacre civilians and even children and justify all that by pretending to be the “oppressed party” when this is a blatant lie.  

Muslims complain why we criticize Islam and not other religions. Isn’t this obvious? Other religions allow freedom of faith. I have never heard of a Christian being assassinated or executed for converting to other religions. In fact Muslims are allowed to freely build their mosques in western cities and promote their faith and they are protected by law. Are the Christians, Baha’is or other proselytizing faiths allowed to do the same in Islamic countries?  








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