Leaving Islam



What are  your beliefs now?

I believe in human dignity, human rights, equality of all men and equality between men and women.  I believe in the inherent goodness in all people and that if left alone, without the imposition of ideologies and indoctrination of faiths, humans are capable of living together in peace and harmony. I believe what divides mankind are ideologies and beliefs and that the world will be a better place if each person becomes a prophet to himself, instead of being a follower. I believe in reason and I believe in love.

 I believe in my own intelligence to unravel the truth. And since truth is infinite, my work is never done. I am constantly discovering new realities and learning new things.  I don’t think humans are created to follow. We are created to think, and to make intelligent decisions on our own. Following is for sheep, not for humans.  

Now, you may ask how do I distinguish between  right and wrong.  I have an unerring compass. It is called the Golden Rule. “Treat others with the same consideration that you would like to be treated”. This is my torch of guidance. With this always in the back of my mind, I find my way every time and do not need anyone’s instruction.  

I am a humanist and as such I love all mankind. Someone sent me a Jewish story that I think describes me.

”Two Yeshiva students arguing over when the dawn of the day begins. One said it was the dawn when you could tell the difference between an olive tree and a fig tree. (Olive trees have small leaves; fig trees have big leaves.) The other argued that the dawn of the day was when you could tell the difference between a man and woman.  Neither could agree.  Finally, they asked their rabbi. The rabbi answered, "It is the dawn of the day when you can no longer see a difference between a Jew and a Gentile.  That is the dawn of THE DAY.”

You can say I live in that dawn.  I see no difference between any soul. As of friend  wrote: "If you can't see God in all, how can you see God at all." I love this statement. I try to see God in every human being. 

As for religions, I do not see them the way believers do.  I see them as human traditions, stories told by ancient people that reflected their fears, their aspirations, their morality and their understandings of the world.  They do no longer apply to us.  We need to invent our own religion that reflects our morality and understanding.  

I have invented my religion.  In this religion I am the prophet and the only disciple.  I rely on my own intelligence and practice the Golden Rule.  I do not believe in a deity but I believe in the single principle underlying the creation.  This Principle permeates everything, but it is not a being.   It is not a thing.   It is the law of everything.  Unlike the religious god, it is not desperate to be worshiped and does not burn people in hell for disbelief.  All I have to do is to be mindful of it, to understand it and to follow it to gain happiness.  To follow this Principle I have to gain knowledge and understand the nature of things. This is a knowledge that is readily available to all of us and can be experienced by anyone.  For example, I know if I drop myself from a height, I will get hurt.  Through this knowledge I know that I am a cell in the body of Mankind. My well-being is in the well-being of all humanity. We are all related to each other, to this earth and to this universe. 

So there you have it. My religion has a philosophy that surpasses the philosophy of most religions.  It is not jumbo mumbo and it is not based on ancient myths and fairytales.  It is founded on logics.  It is mystical.  It has a fallible but honest prophet and a very devout disciple that happen to be one and the same.   It has also a mission; the mission is to bring peace to the world, inseminate love where there is hate, spread understanding where there is ignorance, give joy where there is sorrow and usher that dawn when no one can see the difference between the children of Man.  






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