Leaving Islam



How do I know you are not a Zionist Jew masquerading as an ex-Muslim? I want to know, so then I can decide if I should accept your website.  

Why my credibility is important? I am not asking you to believe in what I say because of my authority. You can assume I am a Zionist if you wish. Does this make my claims against Muhammad and Islam any less relevant? I am backing everything I say with proofs. I do not want you to believe in me. I want you to doubt me, question me and accept only things that are backed by facts. Otherwise reject me even if I prove to you I am God. I want you to doubt everything and find your own light. Therefore who cares whether I am a genuine apostate or a charlatan and a Jewish spy. You should not believe in me, you do not even know me. As you said I could be a paid agent of Mossad or an extraterrestrial teenager having cracked the Internet of your Earthlings and now play prank just for fun. You should look at facts. If I back everything I say with facts then you have to accept them irrespective of who I am and and how honest or dishonest I may be.  

This is the difference between me and Muhammad. Muhammad presented no proofs for his claim. He simply demanded blind obedience and threatened those who do not accept him with hell. He also started killing people who did not believe in him. He also benefited immensely from his claim.  

I am not asking you to believe anything I say without proof and I do not benefit personally if you agree with what I say. I am not asking you 20% of your income nor am I telling you to wage war for me and make me the king. 

Why you choose to believe Muhammad despite the fact that there is no proof whatsoever for his claim, despite the fact that he lived a very dishonorable life and despite the fact that he made immense money by collecting booty and confiscating the wealth of his victims, while you find it difficult to believe what I tell you despite the fact that I prove every thing I say, I do not want you to obey me or follow me and personally I do not benefit whether you agree with me or not?  










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