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Islamic History hasn't been ALL bad either. There are many examples of good Islamic societies. During the height of the Caliphate in Baghdad, Jews and Christians lived in peace as compared to the persecution of faith that went on in Europe at that time. There was a flowering of literature and philosophy and many examples of great 'free spirits' who flourished under Islamic Society, such as (off the top of my head) Rumi, Ibn Arabi, Ibn Sina, Al-Jahiz and many, many others.

What these have to do with Islam? If the Abbasids were tolerant rulers this is not because of what Muhammad taught. Today you claim to be a tolerant person and you also claim to be a Muslim but you cannot find any justification for your tolerance in Quran. You are tolerant because of your own personal values and because your understanding of Islam is not complete. That is the case with the Abassids too.

What the talents and achievements of Rumy, Ibn Arabi, Ibn Sina and other luminaries born as Muslims have to do with Islam? Does Quran teach Algebra, Chemistry, Biology or Astronomy? Muhammad made a mistake in parting the inheritance. This guy could not add simple fractions. Why you want to credit Islam for the achievements of these great minds? Our people had a culture and a civilization that predated Islam by thousands of years. It is amazing that we call our own architecture, art, science and literature “Islamic”. What is Islamic about them? We even call Arabic names Islamic. What do you think Arabs used to call themselves before Islam? I noticed that Pakistanis and Bengalis have Persian names and they call these purely Iranian names like Parviz, Afrasiab, Sardar, Kamran, etc. “Islamic”. This is amazing. Please, give credit where credit is due. What our people created with their own talents and genius is not Islamic. It is ours. The accomplishments of our luminaries are no more Islamic than the theories of Einstein and Hawking are Jewish and Christian.

What Islam did for art? What it did for music? What the prophet say about the poets? What were his views on economy? How much he knew about agriculture? He once said it is useless to pollinate the female date trees with male flowers. Then when the trees did not produce dates he said I am just a man and I make mistakes. This man  knew nothing about anything. That is why those who believe in him have sunk into fanaticism and have not advanced.

What happened to Ibn Sina and Ar Razi? They were called apostates and their philosophical books were banned. Ar Razy wrote a tome on rationalism and rejected the mumbo jumbo of religion. His book was destroyed. All is left are fragments of his sayings in a book of refutation to him. In Islam the freethinking is discouraged. If it weren’t for Islam most likely we would have the enlightenment happen in Iran 400 years before it took place in Europe. Imagine where would we be now if we had achieved what we achieved 400 years ago. We shall never know the extent of the damage that Islam caused to the world of humanity. Just think all the libraries and books that the Islamic forces burned. Who knows how much human knowledge was lost then. I had an Iranian who challenged me to show him one great Iranian poet prior to Islam. He wanted me to produce what his savage masters destroyed 1400 years ago. Now he claims that prior to Islam there were no great minds in our country as if we have to thank Islam for great men of our land who only were born after Islam. This brainwashed man does not ask himself how Iran became a great world power if it did not have any great minds. How can I produce the evidence when Muslims invaders destroyed all the evidence? 

Once upon a time Iran was one of the great powers of the world. We were one of the contributors to human civilization. My people wrote the first charter of human rights. We banned slavery completely 2500 years ago. Women ruled our great land. All nations that were part of our vast empire were free to practice their religion. This is mentioned in the Bible. We believed in the benevolent Ahura Mazda the god of light and practiced good words, good deeds and good thoughts.

But today we have forsaken our god of light and follow the sadistic deity of Muhammad who craves for blood and calls for the heads of those who do not want to submit to his despotic authority. Today we are a poor thirds world country sinking deeper and deeper day after day. Human rights are inexistent, women are second-class citizens, minorities are persecuted, poverty is rampant and we are known as a nation of terrorists. This is what Islam has given us.

Look at our countries; all Islamic counties; look at us! See how miserable, barbaric and pitiful are our societies. Show me one Islamic country that is not in war. If we are not fighting with others, we are fighting among each other. What do you expect from a people who are brought up to believe that “paradise is under the shade of the sword”? What do you expect of the ignorant people that eulogize martyrdom and celebrate death? What do you expect from the society that its spiritual leader (Khomeini) says: “Economy is for the donkey”? What do you expect from a society that dresses up a toddler as suicide bomber and take pride in their own stupidity? What do you expect of a society that massacres 3 million of his own people (Pakstanis in Bangladesh) and their spiritual leader issues the fatwa that rapping the Bengali women is acceptable according the Sharia and the Sunna of the Prophet. Now please don’t say he was wrong because he based his fatwa on this Quranic verse:

4:24 Also (prohibited are) women already married, except those (captives) whom your right hands possess.

Or see this story of Muhammad’s raid of Kheybar where he gives permission to his followers to enslave war captives and rape them, Sahih Bukhari 1.367

Or this one

Volume 7, Book 62, Number 137:
Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:
We got female captives in the war booty and we used to do coitus interruptus with them. So we asked Allah's Apostle about it and he said, "Do you really do that?" repeating the question thrice, "There is no soul that is destined to exist but will come into existence, till the Day of Resurrection."

Do you know what is coitus interruptus? The followers of the Holy Prophet used to rape the women they captured in their raids and withdraw before ejaculation. They report that to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon his immaculate soul) and the only thing that occurred to this man is that even if they withdraw and spill their semen on the ground if Allah wills the women will become pregnant. Forget about the stupidity of his statement; think about the inhumanity of this man.

These are not stories narrated by Jews. These are stories counted by the followers of Muhammad, people who believed in him and loved him. Would anyone fabricate damaging stories such as these for the object of his adoration? These stories are true. The Ahadith are filled with tales of inhumanity and barbarity of Muhammad. Is this the man you call the prophet of God? Is this the person you follow?

Considering what Quran teaches it is clear that one cannot be a Muslim and humane at the same time. Time has come that we separate the good people from Muslims who truly follow Muhammad. Read the Quran this time with open mind. Don’t try desperately to look for good in it rather look for the evil in it because if Quran contains a thousand good things and one bad thing it cannot be from God. But Quran contains a thousand bad things for one good thing.

Don’t let the idea of monotheism fool you. That is another fallacy that we shall discuss in another occasion.









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