Leaving Islam



I was reading the FAQs #5. Where you do not suggest people accept any religion.  

You have quoted that "truth is pathless" which seems to mean that it is not absolute.  That no one has the absolute truth.  And yet you go on to give your own philosophies of what truth is.  When you say that man cannot come to it through any organization, you have set up a presupposition on how NOT to get to truth.  If truth is pathless, then why refute Islam? Why say anything at all to refute anyone.  After all, you can't possibly have the truth and say it is pathless at the same time.  I hope you will think this through.  If you suggest truth is found in your own mind, then Muslims are following this philosophy and we should let them drive planes into our buildings. 

You said, "The only truth that counts is the love that we have for each other. This is absolute and real. The rest is mirage, fancies of human imagination, and fallacies of our own making". 

I am confused.  You quote that "truth is pathless" then you say "the only truth that counts is ....." if it is pathless, how can you come to any conclusion about any truth "that counts"? 

Which is it?  Is there absolute truth?  If so, who determines it? How do you decide right from wrong?  If there is no absolute truth, then shouldn't we refute our own thinking as well as others?


There is absolute truth but you and I are relative beings. Our minds are relative and limited. Can an absolute reality be contained in a relative container? 

Truth is one, but when that oneness is reflected in billions of minds it manifests itself in billions of ways. No one can claim to posses the whole truth. No one can take us to it. No one can reach it. 

The best way to understand this is through an example. Compare the truth to the Sun. Its rays shine everywhere. It illumines all places and all things. All different colors, shades and hues are manifestations of its unique and colorless splendor. Yet the Sun is pathless. No road can take you to the Sun. The roads that you may choose, whether it goes West or East, whether it takes you to the South or to the North, do not bring you closer to the Sun. You donít have to go anywhere to receive the light and the warmth of the Sun. Likewise you donít have to follow any religion, cult or creed to attain the truth.









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